Grey Lynn Greenway opening

On 2 June we opened the Grey Lynn Greenway with the Mayor Phil Goff and Auckland Transport.  Wayne Donnelly,  Deputy Chair of the AT Board was MC for the speeches.  Here is my speech on behalf of the Waitematā Local Board

Tēnā koutou huihui mai nei

Talofa lava

Warm greetings to everyone gathered here

As the heart of Tāmaki Makaurau we’re really fortunate to attend and host many openings of new and upgraded community assets.  The Grey Lynn Greenway is one that I have been especially looking forward to and feel very fortunate to be opening as Chair of the Local Board.  Thank you to everyone who has come along this afternoon.  I’m joined by my local board colleagues Adriana Christie, Rob Thomas and Shale Chambers . We’re fortunate Mayor Phil has had a lot of practice lately for opening new pathways and is able to join us.     I’d especially like to acknowledge former board member Christopher Dempsey who is here to celebrate with us (Tricia Reade sends her apologies).

When I am out and about one of the positive comments I hear the most from locals is how much they enjoying the walking and cycling improvements in our area.  There is a tremendous desire to be able to jump on bikes at any age for local trips or recreational rides.

When I moved into this area over 10 years ago with my partner Paul (here with Bike Grey Lynn) we bought bikes to get around.  Like most people cycling back then we were shocked at the hostile road environment and the lack of cycling facilities.  At the same time there seemed to be some really obvious “quick wins” to make walking and cycling far more pleasant.  Paul first suggested to me the idea of a “Greenlink” connecting Grey Lynn Park with Coxs Bay. This was on a wave of hearing about Bicycle boulevards and greenways transforming neighbourhoods overseas.   I am sure many people had similar ideas at the time as an extension to the existing walking connection established by the Western Bays Community Board  (Graeme Easte just called from Whangerei to give his apologies – probably just as well he is not here as I’m sure he’d tell me I have the history of this route wrong!)

The super city finally provided the opportunity to tackle some of those so called quick wins in Waitematā.  The Greenlink idea was embraced by the first Waitematā Local Board supporting a network connections linking our green spaces and reserves that then became a real project with a Waitematā Greenways Plan approved in 2013  – the second local board to complete a plan after Puketāpapa.

The Grey Lynn Greenway has been built in stages as funds have allowed.  The boardwalk in Coxs Bay was rebuilt and paths widenedin 2014 .  Widened paths in Hakanoa Reserve and Grey Lynn Park were completed last year.  The on road sections finally got the green light with a funding contribution from the Urban Cycling Investment fund.   We now have a complete, attractive off road route from West End Road to Williamson Ave through our beautiful parks.   It opens up connections to sports facilities, schools, local shops and will link into the network of safe routes about to get underway on Great North Road, Richmond Road and Surrey Cres.   And of course a connection to the new Grey Lynn pump track  (great to see Scott here who has been instrumental in that project). We fortunate that the community has got behind the Grey Lynn pump track and the pollinator path planting that will further enhance to the greenway.  We’re already hearing about the wider mobility and accessibility benefits of the Greenway.  A bike school bus has started from Grey Lynn School and wheelchair users are able to easily cross Richmond Road for the first time on the new crossing.

There are still things to get right and we’ve heard AT acknowledge the design and consultation issues on one section.  Auckland Council also has a path section in Coxs Bay to finish off that got held up by the  resource consent.  I’m confident that we’ll work through these issues with AT and the community so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from a new community asset.

We’re also looking forward to working with AT on our next Greenway project to open up the old Parnell train tunnel – but more of that another day!

I’d like to end with the many thanks in order.

Members of the project team with Mayor Phil Goff
  • To the community for all the support for the Greenway and for your patience with the construction.
  • To the volunteers and guardians of the park we look forward to continuing to work with you into the future to further enhance the greenway.
  • To the advocates for who have been unwavering in the task of making Auckland a great place to get around.
  • Thanks to the designers, planners, engineers, technical and support people who all do the hard work behind the scenes.  The thanks on this goes back over many years to David Little and Lynda Lucas who worked on the Greenways plan.
  • The many parks people who worked on the off road sections – too many to name today.
  • The AT team who have worked on the project including Priscilla and Ben (the former and current local board liaison manager)  – the quiet operators who know how to bang heads together to achieve results for local boards
  • And thanks to all those involved in the AT part of the project from Auckland Transport, MR Cagney, MWH and TSL including
    • AT – Ken Lee Jones (Project sponsor) Paul Buckle (W&C client), Ameer Bahho (Project Manager)
    • MWH – Sagar Kariya (Designer)
    • MRCagney – Abby Granbery (Peer Review lead)
    • TSL – Ikram Patel (Contractors Rep)  Mohammed Buksh (Site Engineer)

I hope you will all join me for a ride over once we’ve finished the formalities.

After the ribbon cutting the Mayor jumped on a bike for a ride to the Grey Lynn Pump Track 

Further reading

Grey Lynn walking and bike path opens.  Auckland Transport media release

Mayor Phil Goff at the Grey Lynn Pump Track


Chair’s monthly report March 2017

Report covering the period 10 February until 13 March 2017.


  • Following the extreme weather event in March Aucklanders are being urged to reduce water use for several weeks to avoid the need to boil water due to the amount of silt that has entered the treatment plant
  • Consultation got underway on the Annual Budget 2017/18.  The Waitematā Local Board held a Have your Say hearing style event on 8 March attended by Mayor Goff and Councillors Mike Lee, Daniel Newman and Desley Simpson (Photo right). Feedback is open until 27 March
  • Guest speaker at an International Women’s Day morning tea hosted by Panuku Development Auckland
  • Auckland Arts Festival 2017 started on 8 March
  • Beating the Bounds triennial event on 4 March in partnership with Walk Auckland. A walk of the Waitemata Local Board boundary from Meola Reef to Pt Resolution
  • Construction has started on the Grey Lynn Pump Track (a community-led project), Grey Lynn Greenways route connecting Coxs Bay to Grey Lynn Park and on the Ponsonby Road Pedestrian Improvement Project
  • Waitemata Youth Collective at Myers Park Medley

    Myers Park Medley successfully held on 26 February (photo right with members of the Waitemata Youth Collective at their engagement stand)

  • Myers Park Splash pad opened (photo below)
  • 245 Ponsonby Road community-led design exhibition and voting on the preferred concept (underway until 19 March)
  • Opening of the Parnell Train Station on 13 March (Attachment A)







Meetings and workshops: 11 February until 14 March 2017

  • Local Board Chairs’ Forum on 13 February and 13 March
  • Waitematā Local Board workshops 14, 23, 28 February and 1, 7, 14 March
  • Professional development sessions (Kura Kawana): Engaging with Maori and Wellbeing & Resilience
  • Meeting with Panuku to discuss St Mary’s Bay Water quality project
  • Domain Committee Chair introductory meeting on 15 February with Rod Sheridan, Community Facilities Manager to discuss proposed maintenance approach in the Auckland Domain
  • Wai O Rea Central Community Recovery Centre Project Design Workshop Workshop with Albert-Eden and Puketapapa Local Boards on 16 February
  • Domain Committee agenda run through on 17 February
  • Meeting to discuss Poynton Terrace Streetscape upgrade
  • Waitematā Local Board business meeting on 21 February
  • Elected Member Communications & Engagement reference group meeting on 22 February
  • Briefing by Auckland Transport on CRL development, Albert Street design
  • Auckland City Centre Advisory Board meeting (as alternate)
  • Site visit to Hopetoun Street to meet with residents concerned about a number of safety and street maintenance issues
  • Briefing from the Auckland Museum on 23 February
  • Inner City Network Monthly Meeting on 23 February
  • Waitemata Youth Collective meeting with the Board on 23 February
  • ‘Delivering for Auckland Symposium’ for all elected members on 24 February
  • Monthly regional workshop for elected members on 27 February
  • Auckland Domain Committee Workshop and Meeting on 28 February
  • Weekly Chair’s meeting every Monday morning
  • Agenda run-through with the Deputy Chair on 8 March
  • Transport portfolio catch up on 1 March
  • Meeting to discuss Italian Festival 2017 with the Events portfolio and Festival organiser on 2 March
  • Introduction meeting with Auckland Police Commander Matt Srhoj
  • Regular catch up meeting with Newmarket Business Association General Manager
  • Meeting with Chair, Friends of Symonds St cemetery on 3 March
  • Meeting to discuss transport outcome for the draft Local Board Plan 2017
  • Western Bays Community Group AGM and presentation on the Annual Budget 1207/18
  • PBA board meeting on 9 March
  • Meeting with Auckland Design Office regarding traffic calming and pedestrian safety improvements on Shortland Street
  • Presentation by Heart of the City to the Board and discussion on City Centre issues on 9 March
  • Joint planning Committee and Local Board workshop: City Centre and Waterfront work programme (City Building: Auckland Transport’s “expectations” should not dictate our planning Attachment C)

Events and functions:  10 February until 14 March 2017

  • Rainbow Youth Open Day and exhibition (sponsored by the Waitemata Local Board) on 11 February (photo right)
  • Big Gay Out at Coyle Park on 12 February
  • Revolt. She said. Revolt again at Basement Theatre on 16 February at the invitation of Silo Theatre
  • T20 NZ v SA at Eden Park at the invitation of Auckland Cricket
  • Moa Periscope Launch on 20 February: Child Friendly Development Response in Freyberg Place
  • Launch of the Auckland Fringe Festival on 21 February in Aotea Square
  • Sea Change, Wet Hot Beauties performance at Parnell Baths (at the invitation of Wet Hot Beauties)
  • Attended the Grey Lynn 2030 Repair Cafe on 18 February
  • Watched the Pride Parade in the grandstand on 25 February at the invitation of ATEED (photo right with Brett O’Reilly, ATEED CEO, Stephen Town Auckland Council CEO and Lexie Matheson, Pride Trustee )
  • Opening of Japan Day at the Cloud
  • Myers Park Medley on 26 February
  • Bike Breakfast at Scarecrow Café on 1 March
  • Patrons night at Basement Theatre on 1 March
  • Beating the Bounds on 4 March
  • Ponsonby Park concept designs exhibition on 5 March
  • Stepping up our Climate Game Auckland Conversations on 8 March
  • Opening of the Auckland Arts Festival on 8 March
  • Revolutions: Auckland Art Festival
  • Opening ceremony for Parnell Train Station 13 March (Attachment A)

Gift Declarations

  • Tickets to the T20 NZ v SA at Eden Park at the invitation of Auckland Cricket
  • Tickets to the Auckland Art Festival











The End: Pt Resolution Bridge



Monthly Board report September 2016

This is my final report for the second triennium of Auckland Council.  It includes my reflections on the last three years and covers my Waitematā Local Board activities from 31 July to 6 September 2016 as Deputy Chair, lead for the Community and Transport portfolios, and Chair of the Grants Committee, and with positions on the Ponsonby Business Association Board and Ponsonby Community Centre Committee and Board liaison for the Parnell Community Centre.

I have provided a report each month this term. My previous reports are available at

Summary of August highlights

 Unitary Plan passed

 The Governing Body of Auckland Council passed the Auckland Unitary Plan (UP) on 15 Auckland following a mammoth five-year process to unify all former regional and district council plans into one.  I sat in on several days of the decision making to hear the debate and support, with reservations, the passing of a unified planning rulebook for Auckland. The Board, particularly through the work and leadership of our Chair, Shale Chambers has been actively involved right from day one. There is a lot to reflect on with the community about the process and final decisions on the Independent Hearings Panel recommendations.

It is a significant milestone but there are still big question marks over whether the UP achieves affordable housing, heritage protection, density done well and quality design.  There is a lot of work to be done to now deliver on the promise and potential of a unified plan that responds appropriately to inevitable future growth and delivers on the Auckland Plan.  

Renaming lower Khartoum Place

Khartoum Place July 2016Following consultation on the renaming of lower Khartoum Place with a suitable name associated with women’s suffrage, and in recognition of the Women’s Suffrage Centenary Memorial 1893-1993 ‘Women Achieve the Vote’ the Board voted in July to adopt a bi-lingual name. After receiving further information about the suitability of a bi-lingual name and following a meeting between board representatives, Ngati Whatua and National Council of Women the Board held an extraordinary meeting on 30 August to confirm the new name as Te Hā o Hine Place.

I look forward to Suffrage Day on 19 September when we will be celebrating the new name and acknowledging all those who have contributed to the process and the claiming of a small space for women in the city centre.    

Auckland Council media release

1 September 2016

Te Hā o Hine Place at home in the city centre

At a special meeting this week, the Waitematā Local Board voted to change the name of the lower section of Khartoum Place, to acknowledge the location of the Women’s Suffrage Centenary Memorial 1893-1993, ‘Women Achieve the Vote’.

On Suffrage Day 2016, September 19, Waitematā Local Board and iwi partners will unveil the new name for the lower section of Khartoum Place; Te Hā o Hine Place, in recognition of the struggle New Zealand Suffragists faced until 1893.

Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei gifted the name ‘Te Hā o Hine’ which is derived from the whakatauki (proverb) ‘Me aro koe ki te Hā o Hine-ahu-one’ and translates to ‘pay heed to the dignity of women’.  The board felt it was a fitting sentiment as did National Council of Women – Auckland Branch.

Carol Beaumont, President of the National Council of Women – Auckland Branch, says they are pleased that the name Khartoum Place is being replaced with Te Hā o Hine Place, as it is more fitting to the Suffrage Memorial.

Since opening a refreshed Khartoum Place in September 2014, the Waitematā Local Board began looking more seriously at changing the name of the lower section, an area that was being informally referred to as “Suffrage Place” due to the location next to the Suffrage Memorial and the space being used for annual Women’s Day and Suffrage Day events.

In April 2016 the local board consulted  with iwi, the National Council of Women, local businesses, residents and the wider public to ascertain the level of support for a name change and a preference should they support a change.  The majority of submitters supported a name change and for the options for consideration to include; Te Hā o Hine, Suffrage Place and Kate Sheppard Place.

 Ellen Melville Centre and Freyberg Place upgrade underway

 The creation of a community hub for the growing number of city centre residents got closer with the start of the work to renovate and refurbish Ellen Melville Hall.

This is one of the Board’s most significant projects that we initiated last term.  Once completed, the new centre will provide a range of facilities including a new kitchen, Wi-Fi, improved amenities, café-style seating and a modern refurbishment.  It will be a much needed community facility for Auckland’s growing city centre residential population.

The $10.7m project includes the upgrade of Freyberg Place (funded by the City Centre targeted rate).  The upgrades to Freyberg Place and Ellen Melville Centre are expected to be completed by mid-2017. 

Hakanoa Street footpaths and kerbing

Hakanoa Street, Grey Lynn, kerb inspection meetingAuckland Transport’s renewal of kerbing and footpaths on Hakanoa Street has been an on-going saga.   In August I attended several meetings with residents to resolve the issues related to the removal of bluestone kerbing (replaced in unacceptably large areas with faux concrete kerbing) and poor workmanship including new footpaths on the northern side that led to flooding.  The photo right shows residents inspecting a trial of concrete to mimic bluestone (once complete only the area between the cones will be in concrete)

In the latest update to be communicated to all residents Auckland Transport has confirmed that the areas where faux bluestone are to be constructed in concrete are being marked in white paint once each tree site has been investigated to determine the extent where real bluestone kerbs can be installed. AT has committed to re-instating as much bluestone as possible. The northern side footpath/vehicle crossing levels will be remediated to ensure road reserve stormwater is contained.  

Auckland Transport’s approach to this renewal has highlighted the need to provide the local board with plans and consult with residents in advance.  I am also following up on the need for a longer term tree management strategy.

weona-planting-day-july-2016-stephenWeona Westmere Walkway community planting day

The project to complete a 1.4km long coastal walkway on council reserve land and the coastal marine area in Westmere got underway last term after years of community campaigning.

It was great to take part in a community planting day to see how far the walkway has progressed around a beautiful but neglected stretch of coastline. Hopefully the walkway will be open by the end of September for everyone to enjoy.



Pippa Coom and Christopher Dempsey on the Lightpath I’ve worked on the transport portfolio with Christopher Dempsey over the last six years.  It has been exciting to see the positive progress being made to improve transport choices in Auckland.  Over the last three years the board has achieved or played a role in achieving for transport:  

  • Start of the City Rail Link (a legacy Mayor Brown can be very proud about)
  • Funded a Parnell Station connection to Nicholls Lane to support opening of the station
  • Progress on the Harbour Bridge pathway SkyPath
  • Increased funding for cycleways that has led to the completion of the Te ara i whiti /Lightpath, Nelson St cycleway, Quay St cycleway, Westhaven promenade and a central programme of cycleways
  • Progressed the Grey Lynn Greenways route
  • Worked with Auckland Transport on the Ponsonby Road pedestrian experience project
  • Secured the upgrade of Franklin Road with undergrounding of power lines, stormwater separation,  new footpaths, road surfacing, pedestrian crossing and cycle lanes
  • Implementation of the Freemans Bay Residential Parking Zone (now scheduled for 2 October) and parking zones in all central city suburbs
  • Successfully advocated for improved pedestrian safety such as walking improvements at the Grey Lynn shops and in the city centre.
  • Ensured Auckland Transport leveraged maintenance budgets to provide safety improvements for all road users such cycle feeder lanes and stop boxes on Ponsonby Road as part of a resurfacing project
  • Successfully advocated for the removal of parking minimums from the Unitary Plan
  • Advocated for improved local bus services as part of the New Network to be rolled out in 2017
  • Successfully advocated for the inclusion of a new outcome in the City Centre Masterplan:  A walkable and pedestrian- friendly city centre, moving towards zero pedestrian deaths or serious injuries as a result of vehicle collisions.
  • Initiated a street tree planting policy and identified locations for new street trees (including three new tree pits on Williamson Ave as part of the Countdown development)
  • Installed three on street drinking stations

We’ve also provided input into a range of Regional transport policies.

There is still a lot to be done to reduce congestion and carbon emissions, and provide safe, connected, accessible transport choices in Waitematā.  Next term I hope to progress: slower speeds in the city centre and on residential streets, implementation of vision zero, opening up of greenways routes (including opening up the old Parnell Rail tunnel), changes to the give way rule, roll out of improved wayfinding, acceleration of the cycleways programme and residential parking schemes, driver education regarding vulnerable road users, ending dangerous car transporter practices on Great North Road and further work to improve the walking experience in Waitemata.


Deborah YatesAs portfolio holder with Deborah Yates, we cover community facilities, libraries and initiatives aimed at building community wellbeing capacity, leadership and skills.   Some of what has been achieved for the community over the last three years includes:

  • Increased community funding to $125,000 per year for grants to community and sports groups  (distributing funds through the Community Grants Committee)
  • Established an accommodation grant fund
  • Funded the Inner City Network and Inner City Neighbours Day event
  • In January 2015 registered the Waitematā Local Board with UNICEF as the first local board to be working toward “child friendly” accreditation.
  • Funded Child Friendly Cities initiatives such as Think Big – the creation of a consultation website for children
  • Supported a Community-led design process for the development 254 Ponsonby Road with open space
  • Provided funding support for Kelmarna Gardens and a community garden coordinator
  • Extended library hours
  • Continued to implement the Accessibility Plan and undertaken a review
  • Agreed funding and work programmes for our three community centres.
  • Provided additional funding to support growing participation at the Grey Lynn Community Centre
  • Provided support to the Waitematā Youth Collective involvement in events, activities, steering groups and projects

One of the areas of ongoing concern has been the increasing numbers of rough sleepers in the city centre.  We have supported the Homelessness Action Plan initiatives currently underway but going into next term a great deal of further work is needed to make an impact.

There is also more to do to develop partnership approaches with mana whenua, improve the health of our communities such as extended smoke free areas, improve safety and increase engagement and participation especially by inner city residents.

I am sad that both of my co-portfolio holders Deborah Yates and Christopher Dempsey have decided to retire from local government.  They have made a huge contribution and I have really appreciated working with them.

In the online version of my report at I have included photos of Deborah and Christopher in action. Photos of board members are not allowed in reports during the election period (There will of course be a photo of me and Christopher on our bikes – the most enjoyable and fun way to get around Waitematā as a board member!)

Waitematā Local Board 2013 – 2016

Waitemata Local Board 2013 -2016It has been a privilege to serve on the Waitematā Local Board for two terms as Deputy Chair.  After the hard work in the first term to make the new super city structure work effectively for local decision making, I was grateful to be elected for a second time to continue the many projects underway with an ongoing commitment by the Board to strong community engagement.

There is still a lot to do to ensure Council is listening and responsive to local aspirations and that the governance framework is fit for purpose. There are parts of the organisational structure and culture that still need further refinement to properly support the role of local boards.  The Auckland Transport relationship with local achievements-report-2016boards is particularly problematic and only a complete overhaul of the leadership is likely to result in any meaningful improvement.

This term has been immensely rewarding and at times lots of fun too. The Board’s annual achievements reports available on the Council website highlight just how much has happened over the term (Link to the 2015/2016 Achievement Report). We are fortunate to be supported by an outstanding, hardworking local board team.

The rewards are great for board members able to put the time into the role.  I’ve appreciated the many learning opportunities and the amazing speakers that take part in the Auckland Conversations series.   It has also been an opportunity to meet a wonderfully diverse range of people, to get involved with our many community groups (particularly through our community grant funding) and to take part in the many events on offer in the Waitematā area.

There is still much to do. I hope to be part of a progressive Local Board next term that will continue to deliver for everyone who lives, works, plays and visits Waitematā.

Workshops and meetings

From 31 July until 6 September 2016 I attended:

  • Local Board Members briefing on greenways identity on 1 August
  • Hakanoa road works meeting with local residents on 1 August
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 2 August
  • Independent Hearings Panel recommendations: Briefing session for local board members
  • Meeting to discuss renaming of Khartoum Place with Ngati Whatua Orakei, National Council for Woman and representatives of the Waitematā Local Board.
  • Community Portfolio additional meeting – Grey Lynn Community Centre funding increase
  • Waitematā Local Board business meeting on 9 August at the Grey Lynn Community Centre
  • Meeting to discuss a proposal for an Inner City Community Garden on Griffith Building Site (temporary site as a result of the CRL works on the corner of Albert Street and Wellesley Street)
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 11 August
  • Attended the Unitary Plan debate at the Governing Body meetings on 11 and 12 August
  • Meeting with GLBA and Auckland Transport to discuss parking impacts of Richmond Road cyclelane project
  • Workshop on 15 August on opportunities for Community-led development support and development with Ākina and Inspiring Communities (at the invitation of Denise Bijoux )
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 16 August
  • Monthly Transport portfolio catch up on 17 August
  • Franklin Road Improvement Project Community Liaison Group Meeting on 17 August
  • Hakanoa St Trial Mimic Kerb Inspection on 22 August (see details above)
  • CRL update  for Waitemata and Albert Eden Boards Chairs and portfolio holders on 22 August
  • Meeting to discuss Greenways branding on 23 August
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 23 August
  • Communications update on 23 August
  • Meeting on 23 August of the community portfolio and inner city residents to discuss action on homelessness and use of the Civic Administration building as a night shelter
  • Meeting to discuss the Board’s feedback on the Maori Language Policy and implementation plan
  • Community portfolio meeting on 24 August
  • Inner City Network meeting and lunch hosted by Splice on 25 August. Presentation: social impact of intensification of housing
  • Ponsonby Community Centre committee meeting on 29 August
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 30 August
  • Waitemata Local Board Extraordinary Meeting for Renaming of Khartoum Place on 30 August
  • Meeting with Hakanoa residents at the Grey  Lynn Community Centre on 31 August to discuss kerb and channel work
  • Meeting on 31 August  of the Elected Member Political Advisory Group to discuss induction planned for new term
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 6 September
  • Newmarket Laneways meeting:  feedback from Public Consultation and approval of Final Concept Design
  • Ponsonby Business Association committee meeting on 8 September

Events and functions

From 31 July until 9 September I attended:

  • west-end-tennis-club roomOpening the Club House – West End Lawn Tennis Club on Sunday 31 July (photo right)
  • Backbenchers Auckland edition at the Britomart Social Club on 3 August
  • First Thursdays on K’rd on 4 August
  • Wynyard Quarter 5th birthday on 6 August
  • Grey Lynn Business Association networking drinks  at  Storage King on 10 August
  • Blessing for the start of works at the Ellen Mellville Centre and Freyberg Square
  • OperaNesia on O’Connell Street on 11 August
  • Opening of the new Grey Lynn Fire Station on Williamson Ave on 12 August
  • Volunteer planting day on the  Weona Walkway, Westmere
  • Franklin Road Community BBQ hosted by Auckland Transport for the start of works on 14 August
  • Venus in Fur at the Herald Theatre at the invitation of the Auckland Theatre Company
  • bishop-selwyn-chapel-opening-dean-jo-kelly-moore-mike-leeDedication and official opening of the Bishop Selwyn Chapel on 21 August (photo right)
  • K’rd presents catwalk show at NZ Fashion Week at the invitation of the K’rd Business Association on 23 August
  • St Columba’s fundraising Potter’s market on 29 August
  • Campaign for Better Transport’s Rail to the Airport public meeting in Onehunga on 30 August
  • Bike Breakfast at Scarecrow on 1 September
  • Random Act of Kindness Day hosted by Splice
  • Rod Oram’s book launch at AUT: Three Cities – Seeking Hope in the Anthropocene
  • Living Wage Assembly at St Matthews for Mayor candidates and Waitematā & Gulf Ward Candidates
  • Q Theatre 5th Birthday celebration at the invitation of Q Theatre on 2 September
  • Merchant Navy remembrance service at the Maritime Museum on 3 September
  • Fukuoka Day at the Town Hall on 3 September
  • LATE at the Museum from #Slackivism to Activism panel discussion on 5 September
  • Boys will be Boys at Q Theatre on 9 September at the invitation of Silo Theatre

Monthly board report May 2016

My monthly board report covering activities from 1 April until 1 May 2016. Included on the agenda for the Waitemata Local Board meeting on 10 May 2016.


Annual budget 2016/17

An extraordinary meeting of the Board was held on 26 April to confirm the Board’s position on Local Development Initiatives budgets, our advocacy positions and regional annual plan issues.

Included in the report for the meeting was an overview of 147 submissions received for Waitematā. The board received clear support for the priority projects we wish to take forward in 16/17.  

Franklin Road

Following a community liaison group meeting in early April Auckland Transport released the latest designs for the upgrade of Franklin Road. 

Franklin Road side street treatmentsFeatures include:

  • Improved pavement surface, footpaths and drainage.
  • Protecting tree root zones from vehicles by redefining the berm area.
  • Providing for the safe movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.
  • Retaining as much street parking as possible.
  • Working with utility providers to minimise disruption and deliver an integrated programme of works.
  • Improving street lighting – suspended lighting is currently proposed

franklin-road-artist-impression Franklin RoadI am particularly pleased to see included in the design raised tables on all the side streets. This is a pedestrian safety outcome the Local Board has advocated for since the beginning of the project.

A final round of engagement was undertaken on the detailed design by Auckland Transport until 10 May. Stage 1 (utility upgrade) physical works is due to start in May. Stage 2 works will start in October/November. The current completion date is mid to late 2017

Renaming lower Khartoum Place

 In December 2015 I brought a Notice of Motion to the Board proposing the renaming of lower Khartoum Place with a suitable name associated with women’s suffrage, and in recognition of the Women’s Suffrage Centenary Memorial 1893-1993 ‘Women Achieve the Vote’.

The proposal received Board support opening the way for a name changing process to commence.  Consultation on naming options is taking place until 25 May.

Path widening in Grey Lynn park for the new Greenways route
Path widening in Grey Lynn park for the new Greenways route

Greenways Design Guide

Work is underway on a design guide which covers both on-street and parks and open space greenways that is intended to become the key resource for the implementation of greenways across Auckland.

The feedback I collated in Attachment A was provided on behalf of the Waitematā Local Board to the Greenways team. 

Photo right: progress on the widening of the Greenways route through Grey Lynn Park

Signage trial

Wayfinding trial at Wynyard As part of a Regional signage project Auckland Transport is trialling various signage elements in four precincts. Signage being trialled includes street signs, pedestrian signs, information hubs (large and small), cycling signs and routes, and public transport signage.

It is good to see the trial at Wynyard Quarter with signage designed for tourists and locals to be able to navigate around central Auckland attractions. There are lots of positive features included including te reo Maori.  However as the Transport portfolio has previously highlighting we still consider the background colour is too dark, the map is not useful without showing where it fits into a wider area and the descriptions are too subjective.  The map also shows Wellesley Street as a walking route through to the Domain – a long standing issue we have raised with ATEED and Auckland Transport. 

Feedback is open until 20 May 2016

 Weona Westmere walkwayWeona – Westmere Walkway

 Phase one of the Weona –Westmere walkway is now open and phase two is well underway. It is now possible to take a scenic walk along coast line that has not been accessible for over 80 years. After visiting on beautiful day in April I felt very proud that the Board (with Shale leading the way) has stuck with this project for the last 5 years.  I think locals and visitors will be very impressed when the 1.4km route is fully opened in September.

Mt Eden car freeMaungawhau/Mt Eden is glorious to visit now the maunga is free of vehicles 

Mt Eden is not in Waitematā but I give thanks to all those who worked so hard over the last 10 years to get cars off the summit. On a recent visit at sunset it was great to see how many people were enjoying the easy walk to the top.

Berm planting guidelines

 The Board gave feedback on Auckland Transport’s draft guidelines in September last year. We are still waiting on the final draft that was Firth Road berm May 2016promised before Easter.

In the meantime I am enjoying all the neighbourly interactions that occur whenever I am outside looking after my (non-complying) berm. 

Parking – the good, the bad and the ugly

 I have been following up on a number of parking issues and concerns outlined in Attachment B.

Auckland Conversations – The value of well designed cities

Auckland Conversation JoeJoe Minicozzi, Principal of Urban3  presented, in a very entertaining way, the research that illustrates the benefits of urban density, heritage conservation and mixed-use developments. These have an economic impact that lead to creating sustainable and vibrant cities. 

The image right shows the maths of land value plus improved value (CV)  applied to Auckland (by Kent Lamberg from MR Cagney). 

Workshops and meetings

From 1 April until 1 May  2016 I attended:

  • Ponsonby Community Centre Board meeting on 4 April
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 5 April
  • Communications catch up on 5 April
  • Franklin Road Community Liaison Meeting on 5 April
  • Ponsonby Road paid parking zone consultation open day at Studio One on 6 April
  • Parks portfolio meeting on 7 April
  • Elected member professional development focus group meeting on 8 April
  • Albert Park safety meeting on 8 April organised by Hon Nikki Kaye with Superintendent Richard Chambers, Inspector Jill Rogers, Area Commander for Auckland City Central and Gary Davy from the Police, Naisi Chen (Chinese NZ Students Association) and Will Matthews (President AUSA) and Auckland Council representatives
  • Youth Voice Phase 2 Cluster Workshops on 9 April at Auckland Central Library  to explore youth-led models options under an empowered communities approach
  • Richmond Rovers strategic plan community meeting on 11 April
  • Waitematā Local Board business meeting on 12 April in Parnell
  • Waitematā Local Board hui with iwi regarding Khartoum Place name change
  • Elected member development programme – political advisory group meeting on 13 April
  • Stakeholder meeting regarding the Khartoum Place name change on 13 April
  • Ponsonby Business Association Board meeting on 14  April
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 14 April
  • Wynyard Quarter neighbours forum on 19 April
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 19 April
  • Ponsonby Business Association meeting for PBA members with Auckland Transport’s parking team on 19 April
  • Monthly Transport portfolio catch up on 20 April
  • Meeting to discuss the Board’s transport advocacy positions on 21 April
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 26 April
  • Presentation from Fresh Concept on Lower Queen St Activation Plans
  • Waitematā Local Board Extraordinary Meeting on 26 April – Annual Budget information
  • Auckland Transport open day on the wayfinding signage trial at Wynyard Quarter
  • Community portfolio meeting on 27 April
  • Inner City Network meeting and presentation on accessibility

Events and functions

From 1 April until 1 May 2016 I attended:

  • Francis Reserve Womens centre community garden Board and Leonie Auckland Theatre Company’s You can always hand them back at Sky Theatre on 2 April (at the invitation of ATC)
  • Bike breakfast at Scarecrow café on 6 April
  • Auckland Conversations on 7 April
  • Opening of the SKIP/ Women’s Centre Francis Reserve (photo right) community garden on 9 April
  • Jam on Toast at the Grey Lynn Community Centre 10 April
  • Japan Day at the Cloud opening reception on 10 April
  • Kokako turns 15 celebratory event on 15 April
  • Welcome morning tea for the new general manager of the K’rd Business Association on 15 April
  • Farewell to Charlotte from Splice on 15 April
  • Between Tides at Westmere beach on 17 April
  • Anzac day service hosted by the Grey Lynn RSC
  • Open Streets K’rd on 1 May (photo below with Margaret Lewis from the K’rd Business Assocation and Kathryn King, Auckland Transport’s walking and cycling manager who hosted the event). Congratulations to everyone involved in putting on such a fantastic event. K’rd was full of people enjoying the vehicle – free space.


Monthly board report April 2016

This report covers my Waitematā Local Board activities from 1 March – 31 March 2016 as Deputy Chair, lead for the Community and Transport portfolios, and Chair of the Grants Committee, and with positions on the Ponsonby Business Association Board and Ponsonby Community Centre Committee and Board liaison for the Parnell Community Centre.


Waitemata LB office opening local board services teamLocal Board “Democracy shop” – open for business

On 2 March the Board officially moved into our new offices at 52 Swanson Street just off St Patricks Square.  The offices are a huge improvement on our location at Graham St and provide a much better working environment for our hard working Local Board services team (photo right) and space for board members. I like to think we now have a “democracy shop”- a front door to our community that is easily accessible and welcoming.

Community Grants

 The Waitematā Local Board grants committee met on March to discuss the grant application to the Quick Response Fund and the Local Grant fund. In total we had $70,330.58 remaining  to distribute from the 15/16 financial year with one Quick Response Grant round to go (currently open until 6 May for grants up to $3000).

The grants committee minutes and recommendations for the Local Grant Fund are attached to the April agenda.

Community consultation – Annual budget 2016/17

Consultation on the Council’s Annual Budget 2016/17 and local board priorities took place until 24 March.  Community meetings in Ponsonby, Grafton Parnell and Grey Lynn were well attended but the official Have your Say consultation meeting at the Town Hall attracted only 4 members of the public.  The low attendance may partly be due to the number of events on that evening but I think the problem is mainly with the format which is very unsatisfactory for groups that wish to present feedback.  The Board’s public hearings style meeting held on 10 March provided a much more effective forum for presentations to the Board.

Cycling improvements consultation

inner west auckland cycle network During March Auckland Transport consulted on the network of cycling routes in the inner west area (map right) and asked for feedback on cycling improvements to make riding a bike for local trips safer.  The feedback period was extended to 5 April.

I attended the consultation events in Grey Lynn Park on 13 and 20 March.

This is the first time that Auckland Transport has consulted on the actual routes that make up the Auckland Cycle Network and support the routes in our Greenways plan.

Pippa Coom and Christopher Dempsey Lightpath Te ara i whiti / Lightpath

The electronic counter doesn’t lie!  The aphorism “Build it and they will come” proved ever so true when it comes to the amazing magenta adventure.

Christopher and I were very happy to celebrate the 100,000 trip over Lightpath since opening day on 3 December 2015.  Almost 1,000 people a day are riding the route.

There are also huge numbers of people enjoying Lightpath on foot at all times of day and night. Unfortunately the walking counter has not been working so Auckland Transport is unable to provide exact data at the moment.

Lantern Festival – transport planning

valet bike parking Lantern FestivalThe Lantern Festival, held for the first time in the Domain in February was the first Auckland Council funded evening event to promote active transport. The valet parking provided at the venue was a big success working to encourage people to give cycling ago – many bringing along children. However the overall communication and coordination regarding transport to the event was not well managed by Auckland Transport and there were a lot of lessons for next time.  I have sent the following email to the CEO of ATEED and the Manager Event Design who responded that it would be included in the mix for their debrief.

Congratulations to everyone involved on the success of the Lantern Festival (if the numbers attending are the best indicator of success!). I really enjoyed attending on the Friday and Sunday evenings.

I’m sure there will be a big exercise underway with Auckland Transport to look at the transport management plan and the messaging for the event next year. I just wanted to give some feedback while it is still fresh in my mind:

  • Although the map handed out on site was not intended as a travel map it was clearly being used for that purpose  – it needs to clearly show all the walking and cycling connections  (especially as people were arriving up hill at Grafton Station and able to walk down hill back to town but as previously mentioned the map showed the Domain as an island )
  • Creating a “Lantern Trail” in the same style as the RWC Fan trail (suggested route from Britomart via Beach Road, Churchhill street, and up Lovers Lane) – a few people have mentioned this idea to me
  • Improve the lighting on Lovers Lane – if felt too dark to use safety but is the logical connection to the Domain from the city
  • Close Grafton bridge to cars and only open to buses and ambulances – implement bus priority lanes
  • Provide wayfinding signage from all directions but particularly for those walking from different points in the city centre (the Wellesley St – Grafton Gully route particularly needs signage as previously mentioned but hopefully by next year AT will have finally got that sorted)
  • The valet bike parking was brilliant and I loved using it (of course!) but difficult to access so lots of bikes were parked all over the place (there was no signage to the bike parking)
  • Security guards were directing cyclists to dismount but did not know where the bike parking was located
  • Online information needs to spell out all the transport options including the location of car parks (I estimate there are at least 15 car parks in walking distance to the Domain but the online information just said “ the Domain is a 10 minute drive from the city centre” !!!).
  • Wayfinding signage needed throughout the entire site

Auckland Conversations: Climate Solutions: Cities in Action, Mark Watts, Executive Director C40 cities

Mark Watts C40Auckland has become the newest member of C40, a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. C40 supports cities to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change. Auckland will be working with more than 80 of the world’s greatest cities, representing more than 550 million people and one quarter of the global economy. Sharing research, experiences and ideas, C40 is helping to find and implement innovative solutions to urban climate issues such as transport, energy, buildings and waste.

At the Auckland Conversations on  15 March Mark Watts talked about the initiatives that cities around the globe are putting in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks.

Cities are central to delivering greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets (Auckland’s target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in 2040) through a focus on land use planning, transport and buildings. Every city needs to aim to get to 1.5 tons per person per year if we have any chance of avoiding dangerous levels of climate warming. Auckland is currently at about 7.2 tons (US cities are on 16.5 tpp).

The good news from Mark is that we know what we need to do create successful, prosperous, healthy cities. No city will be successful in the future unless it is low carbon. He made comments in relation to three key areas:

1 Compact City

Sprawl is the enemy, density is the friend. 6% of growth in energy consumption is urban sprawl.  For example Copenhagen spends 4% of GDP on transport whereas Houston spends 16%.

2. Connected Cities

‘Return of the bike the most important tool in urban transport’

There are now 700 cities with bike share. 40% cycle to work in one of the richest cities.

Benefits from health care cost savings, cuts in air pollution and economic benefits

C40 consider that road pricing is inevitable in most big cities. In London as a result most people are not driving.  Stockholm has seen a 35% fall in emissions and 40% growth

3. Co-ordinated cities

Successful cities will run on data. Benchmarking is a catalyst to change. For example in NYC they are looking for a 30% GHG emissions reduction from buildings between 2005 and 2017.

 Mark ended by asking what if Mayor’s ruled the world?  Political leadership is being shown by mayors from around the world.

The Waitematā Local Board received a special mention at the event for having a Low Carbon Community Action plan and a low carbon community network.


Hakanoa greenway routeLocal board members came together on 31 March to hear an update on the work that has been underway to progress Greenways across Auckland. Simon Randall, Chair, Maungakiekie- Tamaki Local Board is the local board representative on a Greenways Leadership group set up by Stephen Town CEO, Auckland Council. That group has been looking at how best to deliver a connected Auckland through active transport.

We heard about the work underway to create a Greenways identity, an overview of a Greenways Design Guide and the potential level of investment in Greenways.

It is great to see the enthusiasm for Greenways from Local Boards and the commitment to making Auckland the world’s best city for cycling where Greenways are embraced.

In Waitematā we have recently made progress on the Grey Lynn greenways route with the widening of the Hakanoa reserve pathway (photo right). The design of the on-road sections of the route is in the process of being finalised by Auckland Transport and will shortly be available for public input.

neighbours day carlos and tanaNeighbours Day in the City Centre

Member Deborah Yates and I, with officer support, organised a Waitematā Local Board display at the Neighbours Day event in Freyberg Square and Ellen Melville Hall as part of Neighbours Day Aotearoa.  The event was aimed at inner city residents and involved a wide range of community organisations. Thanks to Splice, ADCOSS, Heart of the City and everyone who made the celebration of the city centre happen.

Ponsonby Road improvements

Fresh Kermit Ponsonby RoadFresh Kermit!  New feeder lanes and advance stop boxes on Ponsonby Road included as part of recent re-surfacing at the Board’s request are small but significant safety improvements for all road users.

Update on the Ponsonby Road pedestrian experience is reported on our agenda by Auckland Transport.

IPENZ transportation group conference

I attended the IPENZ transportation group conference 7-9 March with funding from the Board’s professional development budget.

The report back from the conference is attached to my monthly report (item 22).

 Workshops and meetings

From 1 March – 31 March  2016 I attended:

  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 1 March
  • Tamaki Drive Cycle Route Preferred Option/s Workshop hosted by Beca on behalf of Auckland Transport on 2 March
  • Have your say event for the Annual Budget 16/17 consultation at the Auckland Town Hall on 3 March
  • Waitematā Local Board business meeting on 8 March at our new offices on Swanson St
  • Ponsonby Business Association Board meeting on 9 March
  • Waitematā Local Board Annual Budget 2016/17 Hearing on 10 March
  • Met with Mik Smellie from the Residents Advisory Group on 10 March
  • Grafton Residents Association meeting to discuss the Annual budget and local board priorities on 14 March
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on  15 March
  • Monthly Transport portfolio catch up on 16 March
  • ADCOSS Forum on 17 March at Western Springs Community Hall: Towards an Age-friendly Auckland: The missing links
  • Elected Members Professional Development Programme – Social Media Forum on 18 March
  • Local Board Briefing on the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 on 18 March
  • Elected Members – Local Government Excellence Programme LGNZ Briefing on 21 March
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 22 March
  • Monthly media catch up on 22 March
  • Meeting organised by Auckland Transport to discuss the “Open Streets” event planned for 1 May on K’rd
  • Community portfolio meeting on 24 March
  • Grants Committee meeting on 30 March
  • Meeting to discuss the Ponsonby Cruising Club lease with Panuku Development Agency
  • Newmarket Lanesways project working group meeting to discuss progress to date
  • Local Board briefing on the Greenways project on 31 March

Events and functions

From 1 March – 31 March 2016 I attended:

  • Waitematā Local Board – official office opening on 2 March
  • IPENZ transportation group conference 7 -9 March (see Attachment A for my conference report back)
  • The James Play reception Steve MillerAuckland Arts Festival shows at the invitation of the AAF Trust (I have declared these tickets as gifts in accordance with Auckland Council’s code of practice)
    • Te Po
    • Cucina dell’ arte
    • St James Play: Part 1 (photo right at the opening night reception with Steven Miller who plays James I)
    • Carabosse Fire Garden at the Auckland Domain
  • Little Day Out at the Mt Eden Village Centre on 5 March
  • Music in Parks at Western Park (free music in parks event) on 5 March
  • Pasifika Festival Saturday 12 March
  • Ponsonby Market Day on Saturday 12 March
  • White Nights. Making Light performance by the Velociteers on Lightpath on 12 March
  • St Patricks Day parade along Ponsonby Road on 13 March
  • Learn to ride and consultation event in Grey Lynn Park on 13 and 20 March
  • Auckland Conversations on 15 March
  • Zoo opening with the PM March 2016One Planet Living launch at Unitec on 17 March
  • Grey Lynn school Aloha night on 18 March
  • Neighbours day city centre event on 19 March
  • David Haigh’s farewell from the Grafton Residents Association
  • Member of the official party at the Citizenship ceremony in the Town Hall on 22 March
  • Official opening of the Auckland Zoo’s new African savannah development by the Prime Minister, the Rt.Hon. John Key on 24 March 2016  (photo right)
  • Celebration of Lightpath with free ice cream on 30 March provided by Auckland Transport for the 100,000 trip since opening day on 3 December
  • Regional Facilities hosted local board function at Auckland Zoo on 30 March

Monthly Board Report November 2014

This report covers my Waitematā Local Board activities during October 2014 as Deputy Chair, lead for the Community and Transport portfolios, Chair of the Grants Committee, Deputy Chair of the Central Joint Funding Committee and with positions on the Ponsonby Business Association and Ponsonby Community Centre Committee.


Greenways proposal - Grey Lynn ParkGreenways

At our October meeting the Board approved a budget of $350,000 from the Auckland Transport capex budget, for the Waitematā Greenways Project (Route G1) in-park route. Consultation on the route design will take place alongside the draft Grey Lynn Park Development Plan.

In addition we have asked Auckland Transport to bring forward the budget to progress the on-road sections of  Route G1 to connect Coxs Bay and Grey Lynn Park with the North Western Cycleway  (the designs are with Auckland Transport ready for public consultation).

Franklin Road upgrade

Franklin Road cyclists
Photo Credit: Non- Motorist @ByTheMotorway

The much needed upgrade of Franklin Road has been in the too hard basket for many years due to the challenge and costs of accommodating historic trees, utilities, parking and transport requirement.  Fortunately the Board and Freemans Bay residents’ persistent advocacy has paid off and Auckland Transport is now planning a major upgrade to get underway in early 2016.

Auckland Transport is consulting on 2 possible options for the design of the road. While it is really positive to see the upgrade progress I have raised with Auckland Transport my concern about the lack of Local Board input at an early stage of the option development and the failure to recognise the Board objectives for the Franklin Road which were finalised following community consultation. The two options only go part way to achieving the improvements we would like to see for this iconic Auckland street:

Franklin Road optionsAuckland Transport to undertake the planned upgrade of Franklin Road including road resurfacing, undergrounding of services, footpath upgrade, pedestrian crossings, cycle path and on road parking and to provide for safe and continuous walking and cycling pathways from Ponsonby Road to Victoria Park including continuous pedestrian facilities (i.e. an unbroken footpath on both sides of the road) across all side streets, driveways and intersections (for example by installing raised tables).  Local Board Agreement 2104/2015


One of the Board’s Transport priorities is for Auckland Transport to implement a residential parking zone scheme to manage commuter parking in central Auckland suburbs (Local Board Agreement 2014/15 Transport Advocacy area). The extension of the successful St Mary’s Bay scheme to city areas suffering the biggest impact from on- street parking has been on hold while Auckland Transport consults on the parking discussion document.

The good news is that Auckland Transport has confirmed at our October catch up that parking occupancy surveys are going to start in Ponsonby and Freemans Bay in November with the aim of consulting on a proposed zone in March 2015.

A zonal approach to parking has the potential to benefit local residents and businesses and provide for short term parking for visitors.

Gladstone Road/Avon Street intersection

Auckland Transport has consulted on safety improvements at the intersection of Avon Street and Gladstone Road in Parnell that involve the removal of angle parking outside the local shops. Following a site visit, consideration of the feedback on the proposal and a public forum presentation from the local building owner and Parnell Community Committee the Board passed the following resolution:

The Waitemata Local Board requests Auckland Transport take a holistic approach to improving cyclist and pedestrian amenity on Gladstone Road and consider traffic calming and mitigation measures that do not require the removal of angled parking at the Gladstone Road/Avon Street Intersection.

Legible Auckland

Waima Street wayfinding signWayfinding signage continues to be installed by Auckland Transport where a request is logged. It is surprising how few directional signs exist to guide pedestrians and cyclists around our city.

Although it was great to see this sign (photo right) appear on the corner of Waima Street/Great North Road I have followed up with Auckland Transport regarding the curious content on the sign with the following queries:

The original request was for a directional sign to the NW cycleway however the information on the sign covers everything except that. What is the reason? Has this design come out of AT’s wayfinding project? Is this now the template or just temporary? NZTA have used distance for their cycleway signage. Why has AT used travel time? Is the time intended for the walker or rider?  Is this now a standard approach?

Cycling Advisory Group Meeting

At the Advisory Group meeting in October discussions continued on the prioritisation of cycling projects. Richard Leggart, Chair of the NZ Cycle Safety Panel discussed the recommendations in the panel’s Safer Journeys for People who Cycle report which was open for feedback until 24 October.

We also heard from Auckland Transport about improvements to the existing network and the development of a customer charter.

I emphasised at the meeting the need for early Local Board input into Auckland Transport’s work programme to best leverage the maintenance budget to address deficiencies on the network.

pohutukawa treesFight to save 6 mature pohutukawa trees on Great North Road

Preparations have been underway during October for the hearing taking place on 5 and 6 November regarding the Board’s objection to Auckland Transport’s Notice of Requirement to remove 6 mature Pohutukawa trees on Great North Road. The removal is sought by AT for road widening to provide for two lanes turning from Great North Road on to a new St Lukes bridge.

The Board’s objection is based on our view that there are alternatives available to Auckland Transport that could retain the trees but achieve the same transport outcomes. All the experts agree that removing the trees will result in a significant adverse effect to the environment. As one submitter put it “the trees provide a buffer of civility amid 19 lanes of tarmac”.

Monthly transport update

A monthly update with Auckland Transport took place on 29 October.  Current issues are reported back monthly by Auckland Transport on our public agenda including the details of the consultation undertaken with the Transport portfolio on behalf of the Board.


Parnell Festival of Roses Accessibility

For a second year the Waitemata Local Board is aiming to make the Parnell Festival of Roses accessible for all. With the support of the community portfolio, member Christopher Dempsey has been working with Paul Brown, Strategic Advisor Disability to confirm the initiatives to be funded from an accessibility budget of $2000.

At the Festival on 15 and 16 November there will be an audio described walk and rose-potting workshop for blind and vision impaired visitors taking place from 11:45 -1.15pm and Rudd (the Bugman) Kleinpaste’s talk 1:30-2.00pm will be audio described.  Rudd’s talks on both the Saturday and Sunday are being signed in New Zealand Sign Language. Accessibility Information has also been circulated.

Family, Whanau and Sexual Violence

We received an update from Kelly Maung on the work she is doing to progress a multi- sector strategic action plan to deal with Family, Whanau and Sexual Violence.  Commitment to this initiative by Council has developed out of the Auckland Plan goal to be the world’s most liveable city and involves partnering with central government.

Kelly has challenged the Board to proactively contribute to White Ribbon day next year. Member Deborah Yates is progressing this with our male colleagues.

Western ParkPark site visits

I joined the Parks team and iwi representatives on site visits to Western Park and Grey Lynn Park.

The visits identified exciting opportunities to promote cultural values and the unique historic features of the parks.  There is particularly strong support for day-lighting Tunamau – the stream that is currently piped through Western Park.

Pioneer Womens Hall activation

Work to activate Pioneer Womens Hall as a community hub prior to major refurbishment taking place next year continues.  We recently confirmed a modest budget to support the Jedi Knights Chess Club initiative led by a previously homeless man who has become a regular contributor to the Pioneer Womens Hall working group.

The community portfolio holds a monthly meeting with relevant officers to discuss the on-going work programme.  I also attended a range of meetings during October relevant to the community portfolio – these are detailed below.

Auckland Conversation Brent Toderian: Liveable cities – vibrant waterfronts

Brent Toderian Waterfront AucklandThe former chief planner for Vancouver returned to Auckland at the invitation of Waterfront Auckland to continue his city-shaping advice with a talk on how rethinking our waterfront can transform our city.

Brent was introduced by John Dalzell, CEO Waterfront Auckland as an “Urban Design Warrior”.

Key points I took away from the presentation at Shed 10:

  • Urban planning & city building best way to influence public health and confront the convergence of global issues such as climate change and aging population.
  • Millennials are pre-disposed to urban living as they interact with technology like previous generations interacted with the car (baby boomers “broken hipsters” are also turning to urban living)
  • We need to aim for “density done well on the waterfront” Land use and movement need to be aligned. We need to recognise “induced demand”. It is just politically popular to build roads.
  • Vancouver shows that if you design for multi-modality it is better for drivers. It is about prioritising not being anti-car. Allows for shorter commute times  (20% fewer cars; 40-60% increase in PT; 10-20% increase in cycling)
  • Brent is a fan of the expression “making streets sticky” for people – it is not just about moving through but how to make people stay
  • “Walk score” is a powerful measurement tool used in North America that shows the positive impact on property values of walkable neighbourhoods. In Auckland the evidence is that we don’t care about walkers just drivers.
  • He noted that the conversation about cycling is picking up but believes we will only make progress with separation (ie protected cycleways). This will be the key to a higher bike share. He also noted that there are enough women riders yet
  • Brent calls buses the heroes of PT as nimble & cheap but we need to change the conversation around buses and to provide a better service
  • Mobility is a space problem that benefits from car sharing. One car in  a car share can replace 20 cars
  • We need to aim for consistently high density design. We have the challenge of a working Port but we should use this to our advantage. Height is just a design challenge
  • We also need to ensure that amenities and facilities are built into any development (in Vancouver achieved through density bonusing)
  • Lots of simple but can be hard to do simple

Brent Toderian Auckland ConversationFinal slide (pictured right)

  • Plan like you love cities
  • Listen like you love opinions
  • Design like you love people – and always challenge the word “cant”

Workshops and meetings

In the period 1 October – 31 October I attended:

  • Meeting with Allan Young from ACPL on 1 October to discuss and the implications for Parnell Station, access to the Domain and the regeneration of Waipapa Stream of Kiwi Rail’s proposals to sell the development site where Mainline Steam is currently located
  • Engagement adviser catch up on 1 October
  • Communications catch up on 1 October
  • Local Board Member briefing in Takapuna on spatial priorities and the draft infrastructure strategy that is being developed through the LTP process.
  • Community-led Placemaking Champions Group workshop
  • Local Board Workshop on 7 October
  • AT/Franklin Road Resident’s Meeting on 7 October – Franklin Road Upgrade
  • Meeting to discuss the Child Friendly City project
  • Meetings with the Local Board’s lawyers regarding Notice of Requirement hearing to remove 6 Pohutukawa trees on Great North Road
  • CCO review – Governing Body / Local Board discussion ­– workshop on 8 October provided an opportunity for local board members, councillors and IMSB members on the CCO Governance and Monitoring Committee to receive an update about the CCO review.
  • Review of the Ponsonby Road Plan by Stuart Houghton. A presentation to Board members on 8 October  (on 28 October I arranged for Stuart to present his review to Council and Auckland Transport officers involved in the development of the plan)
  • Meeting with GM of the Ponsonby Business Association
  • Site Visit to Avon Street/ Gladstone Road intersection to meet a representative from Parnell Community Committee and the building owner to discuss AT’s proposal to remove angle parking
  • Meeting with GM of Parnell Community Centre
  • Communications catch up on 13 October
  • Ponsonby Business Association Board meeting on 14 October
  • Cycle Advisory Group Meeting
  • Waitematā Local Board business meeting on 14 October
  • Auckland Transport Taxi operations Plan presentation and discussion with stakeholders
  • Attended the Events portfolio meeting to discuss the Myers Park centenary celebrations and opportunities for community development
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 16 October
  • Long Term plan presentation to budget committee
    Photo Credit: Cathy Casey

    Attended the Waitemata Local Board presentation to the Budget Committee led by the Chair as part of the local boards discussions with the governing body held over 2 days  to inform final decision-making on the LTP for consultation. Each local board was given 20 minutes to present and discuss key priorities and advocacy areas (photo right – looking far too happy!)

  • LTP financial policy discussion on 20 October with Local Board representatives
  • Waitematā Local Board workshop on 21 October
  • Community Development portfolio monthly catch up on 22 October
  • Queens Wharf site visit: Briefing in partnership with Waterfront and Auckland Council
  • Western Park site visit and workshop on 24 October with iwi representatives
  • Attended the Waterfront Auckland Board meeting public forum in support of Ponsonby Cruising Club on 29 October
  • Monthly Transport portfolio catch up on  29 October
  • LTP Local Board Cluster Workshop – Central.  Auckland Transport’s engagement with Local Boards about transport priorities for the next decade and how AT has arrived at a prioritised programme, following the Mayor’s budget proposal for the Long Term Plan.
  • Meetings with Auckland Council planners and the Local Board’s lawyers in preparation for the Notice of Requirement hearing to remove 6 Pohutukawa trees on Great North Road
  • Meeting with the CE, Newmarket Business Association
  • Grey Lynn Park Development Plan – site visit to discuss draft update with iwi on 31 October

Events and functions

Smokefree dining with Shale Chambers and Greg MoyleIn the period 1 October – 31 October 2014 I attended:

  • Newmarket Young Fashion Designer Award on 1 October at the invitation of the Newmarket Business Association
  • Cycle Action’s Associates breakfast
  • Pop up smokefree outdoor dining event organised by Auckland Cancer Society in Aotea Square (photo right)
  • Grey Lynn Business Association AGM on 8 October
  • Launch of Art week at Silo 6
  • Opening of Victoria Park Market Art week event
  • Look at K’rd Art Week event
  • Opening ceremony of Auckland Diwali Festival 2014 on 11 October
  • NZ Fashion Museum’s pop-up exhibition, Elle and the Youthquake: The changing face of fashion, at The Nathan Gallery in Britomart.
  • Heritage Festival events on Sunday 12 October: Civic Trust a toast to heritage and the Grey Lynn RSC’s Gaylene Preston WWI presentation
  • Auckland Girls’ Grammar Old Girls’ Association Annual Dinner
  • Great Mugging on Ponsonby Road for Art Week
  • POP 10 : Hauora Garden of Health and Happiness community planting day on 18 October at Studio One Tu Toi 
  • Auckland Conversation with Brent Toderian at Shed 10. Liveable Cities – Vibrant Waterfronts
  • Ponsonby Business Association AGM on 21 October
  • Auckland Arts Festival Launch at the Town Hall on 23 October
  • The New Zealand Dance Company’s Studio Showing at the Wellesley Studio on 28 October at the invitation of the NZ Dance Company
  • Rod Oram in conversation with Sir Stephen Tindall at the Auckland Museum on 30 October hosted by  Anglican Diocese of Auckland’s Diocesan Climate Change Action Group (at the invitation of Rod Oram)

Waitematā Local Board transport advocacy areas

Auckland Council Annual plan 14 15Submissions on the Auckland Council Annual Plan 14/15 close on Monday at 4pm. This is a good opportunity to let your Local Board and the Governing Body (the Mayor and Councillors) know what key transport projects you think should be prioritised. 

The plan is essentially the Council budget for year 3 of the Long Term Plan. Publicity has been very low key this year  because there are so few new spending proposals or changes from the Long Term Plan and the main focus at the moment is on the proposed Unitary Plan consultation (submissions close on 28 February). But it is still worthwhile making a submission.

As part of the Annual Plan, Local Boards consult on their one year agreements with the governing body – our funding and service levels – and outline our proposed projects and activities (the proposed budget changes of each Local Board are available here)

In their annual agreement Local Boards also put forward all the projects they are advocating for to the Governing Body and the CCO’s in particular Auckland Transport. The Waitematā  Local  Board has the longest list of advocacy areas of any Board in relation to transport projects that we want Auckland Transport to fund and take forward. Our complete list is below. 

So in providing feedback on the Annual Plan 204/15 you can comment on the Governing body’s key transport priorities ( I find the Transport theme very disappointing as it  doesn’t include any walking and cycling projects as priorities  – full document here ) and your Local Board’s transport advocacy areas. The online feedback form is available here

cycle lane Lower Domain DriveWaitematā Local Board Advocacy areas to Auckland Transport 

Cycle infrastructure

Consult with local boards on the development of the Cycling Business Plan and routes and priorities of the Auckland Cycle Network.

Improve cycle infrastructure through the completion and extension of the Auckland Cycle Network with safe, connected, dedicated cycleways including:

  • Carlton Gore Road (bike lanes currently planned).
  • Beach Road, linking with the Grafton Gully Cycleway and with Tamaki Drive and Parnell Station.
  • Parnell to the City Centre walk/cycleway, through the new underpass south of the Parnell Train Station.
  • Nelson & Hobson Street (with separated two-way cycleways, as described in the City Centre Masterplan).
  • Wellesley St connection to Auckland Domain under Symonds St overbridge and on-road connection to the NZTA funded / constructed Grafton Gully Cycleway.

Prioritise the upgrade of all routes in 2014/2015 currently identified as “complete” on the Auckland Cycle Network within the Waitematā Local Board area, but are not of a safe standard.

Traffic calming

Work with the local board on identifying traffic calming measures for the shopping areas in Parnell, Ponsonby, Karangahape Road and Richmond Road to support 40km per hour zones. This would include for example, raised crossings, raised intersections and kerb build-outs to narrow the road.

Undertake a trial of a slow speed zone in a residential area.

Implement the city centre 30km per hour speed zone (as described in the City Centre Masterplan).

Cycle safety

Prioritise the installation of advance cycle stop boxes with feeder lanes including in the following locations:

  • Williamson Avenue northeast coming onto Ponsonby Road
  • College Hill Road westbound coming onto Ponsonby Road
  • Tamaki Drive, westbound at The Strand
  •  St Stephen’s Avenue westbound coming onto Parnell Road
  • Karangahape Road eastbound at Symonds Street, onto the Grafton Bridge
  • Great North Road eastbound coming on to Karangahape Road.

Ensure safe, connected and continuous cycling is provided for in the St Lukes bridge widening including undertaking cycling safety works at the Bullock Track and Great North Road intersection.

Pedestrian safety and amenity

Improve intersections for pedestrians with substantial foot traffic and develop solutions to improve safety and amenity for pedestrians. This includes:

  • All intersections with left–turn slip lanes and no pedestrian facility
  • Intersections with long pedestrian crossing delays
  • Undertaking route optimisation for pedestrians in the city centre including automatic pedestrian phases on one way streets.

Advocate for a change of the give way rule requiring motorists to give way to pedestrians crossing parallel to the priority (main) road at intersections.

Richmond Road Safety Plan

Complete the implementation of the safety improvement action plan during the 2014-2015 financial year in conjunction with Auckland Council for the shopping areas and school zones of Richmond Road, concentrating on the following elements

  • Pedestrian and cycle safety
  • Traffic calming and slower speeds
  • Urban design.

Franklin Road upgrade

Undertake the planned upgrade of Franklin Road to provide for safe and continuous walking and cycling pathways from Ponsonby Road to Victoria Park including continuous pedestrian facilities (i.e. an unbroken footpath on both sides of the road) across all side streets, driveways and intersections (for example by installing raised tables).

Newmarket traffic management plan

Develop a traffic management plan for Newmarket to make traffic flow in a way that is logical and supports public transport, walking and cycling and economic development. This would include consideration of parking, arterial infrastructure, motorway access and signage.

Residential parking zone

Auckland Transport to implement the residential parking zone scheme to manage commuter parking in central Auckland suburbs.

Auckland Domain traffic management

Auckland Transport to improve walking and cycling access to and around the Domain, while discouraging commuter parking use of the Domain through:

  •  Implementation of a parking scheme for the Domain that works to discourage commuter parking (e.g. through pricing)
  •  Improving walking and cycling options
  • Contribute to the development of a Masterplan for the Domain (to be led by Auckland Council).


Auckland Transport and Auckland Waterfront to progress the Auckland Harbour pathway project (the SkyPath) for delivery in 2014/2015.


  • Prioritise the 2014/2015 footpath renewal programme in conjunction with the Waitematā Local Board.
  • Create an agreed public consultation framework for the footpath renewal programme.


Fund and deliver the on-road components of the Waitematā Local Board greenways project prioritised for 2014/2015.

Set the three year programme of works in collaboration with the Waitematā Local Board with regards to footpaths, road safety initiatives, cycleways, parking, greenways.

Support other Waitematā Local Board agreement priorities including:

  • the introduction of low impact storm water solutions in the Local Board area;
  • delivery of green walls, roofs and community gardens on Auckland Transport assets e.g. car park buildings;
  • drinking water fountains in the street environment;
  • development and implementation of the Ponsonby Road master plan;
  • Wayfinding signage for pedestrians; and
  • Upgrade of Teed Street (western part), York Street and Kent Street, Newmarket.

Monthly Board Report December 2013

inaugural Waitemata Local Board meeting with friends and family

I was delighted to be re-elected to the Waitematā Local Board on 12 October 2013 and to be confirmed as Deputy Chair for another term at our inaugural meeting on 4 November.

My first Board report for this term covers my activities from 10 September including the final period of the first triennium of Auckland Council and the election period.


I look forward to continuing to work on the Transport portfolio (portfolio’s to be confirmed at our December Board meeting). There are some exciting projects underway in our area – Beach Road cycle lanes (photo from the Beach Road open day), the Sky path, Grafton Gully Cycleway, Waitematā safer routes scheme  and the Board’s Greenways project that we can look forward to seeing delivered over the next three

Pippa Coom and Christopher Dempsey at theBeach Road open dayAuckland Transport’s draft Cycling Business Plan

The feedback from Christopher and me is on Auckland Transport’s draft Cycling Business Plan is on this month’s agenda. We have raised a number of concerns regarding the draft plan and the failure of Auckland Transport to put forward an investment proposal to meet the Auckland Plan targets.

Greenways Plan

The Board’s Greenways Plan is now online. We heard in November that Auckland Transport are progressing the design work on our priority Greenway Route connecting Coxs Bay to the NW Cycleway via Grey Lynn Park with construction planned for 14/15 .

Work is also underway on an implementation plan for delivering the priority routes in the plan which will be on our February agenda.

SH16 – St Lukes Interchange

During the election period the NZTA and Auckland Transport requested land owner consent from the Board to widen Great North Road into reserve land opposite MOTAT to provide for two lanes on to the motorway.  The Board has pushed back on the widening due to the lack of clear transport benefits and the need to remove mature pohutakawa trees. The plans have now been modified to retain the trees and incorporate cycling and walking improvements. Auckland Transport have given an undertaken that outstanding concerns are going to be addressed through the Great North Road Corridor Management Plan that has recently got underway.

Reporting on transport issues

Auckland Transport reports monthly on the issues progressed with the transport portfolio. The report is available on our agenda.

Community Development

I hope to continue working on the Community Development portfolio for a second term. We are making good progress on a number of projects and initiatives (including the redevelopment of Pioneer Woman’s Hall as a community facility for inner city residents) however there are still a wide range of issues and community priorities that need to be addressed.

Meetings associated with the community development portfolio are listed below.

Community Funding

The Board’s Community Grant committee met on 2 September and recommended the allocation of grants for the first round of funding for 13/14. Grant application decisions totalling $24,601.60 were confirmed at our September Board meeting.

The Central Joint Funding Committee met on 20 September to allocate grants from the Accommodation Support Fund, the Community Group Assistance Fund and the Auckland City Cultural Heritage. These grants are allocated within the old Auckland City Council area by representatives of the relevant Boards. The minutes are available online.

Other board activities

Bunnings Decision

I attended most of the four days of hearings in support of the submitters against the application for a Bunnings mega store development on Great North Road. Board chair, Shale Chambers addressed the hearing on behalf of the Board in opposition.

After hearing the evidence I thought the submitters had a really strong case based on the negative impact of the Bunning’s proposal.  It is a non-complying activity in a Mixed Use zone that abuts the Res 1 neighbourhood of Arch Hill. The scale of the activity is not intended under the district plan in a mixed use zone. I was therefore hugely disappointed that the commissioners granted Bunnings consent on 20 November.   I feel that residents have really been hugely let down by the process and are now faced with taking the fight to the Environment Court

Unitary plan open day at the libraryUnitary Plan

The proposed Unitary Plan was notified on 30 September for public consultation. Feedback is open until 28 February 2014.

I attended the public open day at the Central library on 11 November including presentations on Sustainable Design and Universal Access. I also attended the briefing for all elected representatives on 19 November. The plan and key topic fact sheets are available online.

Urban Design

Gentle Density, Brent Toderian

I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Brent Toderian, the former Chief Planning Officer for Vancouver City Council. I heard about “gentle density” for the first time – a term that has now been adopted by Auckland Council planners.

Brent covered the magic of density done well:

  • Reduced energy use in buildings
  • Allows for active transport
  • More green design options (in Vancouver called “eco-density”)
  • Less sprawl
  • More affordable housing choices
  • Improved public health
  • Vitality, diversity, safety

Brent emphasised that it is not about height it is about how well you design it and that the emphasis must be on good design. The best thing you can do for density is have a high design standard. In Vancouver this translated into only accepting “excellent” design. He gave examples of how gentle density can be achieved.

  •  Hidden density “laneway” houses by infill housing
  • Ground orientated housing
  • “invisible” housing achieved through secondary suites

His message to the professionals that attended the workshop is that there is no excuse not to achieve density and to have a genuine conversation about the benefits (and challenges)

  • Demographics on their side
  •  Urban environment perfect condition
  • Families are choosing urban living (in US 80% of households are childless) – if you design for kids you attract kids

Following the workshop Brent presented at an Auckland Conversation where Ludo Campbell Reid launched the Auckland Design Manual.

In his presentation Brent focused on transportation issues. Key points:

  • Key problem of sprawl is auto – dependency
  • It is a myth that is is possible to balance modes – what has to happen is a re-prioritisation with walking first then cycling
  • No city has made driving better by building roads. In Vancouver they have achieved 20% less vehicles entering downtown and driving has got better
  • The best transportation plan is a great land use plan
  • Done well density uses the power of nearness
  • He recommended designing “eye candy” for walkers
  • Need to physically protect cyclists only why will increase mode share – cheapest infrastructure investment you can make
  • It is not about being “anti-car” but “pro-choice”

Local Board Workshops and meetings

In the period 10 September – 21 November I attended:

  • Cake presented to the Waitemata Local BoardWaitematā Local Board business meeting on 10 September at Parnell – the final meeting of the first term of the Board (photo of the cake presented at our last Board meeting)
  • Arch Hill Residents public meeting on 16 September
  • Community portfolio monthly catch up on 18 September
  • Meeting to discuss Basement Theatre liquor licence
  • Meeting to discuss Pt. Resolution master plan
  • Central Joint Funding Committee Meeting on 20 September
  • Meeting with Tania Pouwhare, Principal Strategy Analyst to discuss neighbourhood planning/place making
  • Meeting to discuss plans for the children’s area at the Central Library
  • Meeting to discuss waste management funding for the Grey Lynn Festival with the solid waste team on 26 September
  • ATEED tourism update held at Shed 10 on 27 September
  • Community Facilities renewal programme 2014 meeting
  • Auckland Transport monthly catch up
  • Neighbourhood planning working group meeting convened by Roger Blakely on 30 September
  • Meeting to discuss a first draft of a Localised Carbon Reduction Plan for Waitemata on 2 October
  • Hearings for Bunnings – attended on 7, 8, 9, and 10 October
  • Meeting on 9 October with local residents to discuss anti-social behaviour at St Patrick’s Square
  • Pioneer Women’s Hall redevelopment meeting on 9 October
  • Paul Steely White breakfast presentation hosted by Heart of the City and AECOM on 11 October
  • St Luke’s interchange meeting with Parks officers on 11 October
  • Meeting to discuss Sugar tree development and Corridor management plan for Nelson Street on 15 October
  • Presentation by Billy Mathieson, Principal Adviser, Social Entrepreneurs to report back from his attendance at the SOCAP13 conference in SF – one of the leading ‘Social Impact’ events in the world.
  • Waitemata Local Board welcome meeting on 18 October
  • Ways of working workshop on 22 October
  • Interview on Radio Ponsonby on 22 October  to discuss bike park corral and Ponsonby Road Master plan
  • CCOs at the Stepping forward for Auckland ExpoOne day “Stepping Forward for Auckland” – Conference and Expo for newly elected members  (photo of CCO panel at the Expo)
  • Legal Briefing  as part of the induction Expo for elected representatives
  • Waitemata Local Board New Elected Members Technology Training session 25 October
  • Stormwater One day Seminar at the Rendezvous Hotel on 31 October
  • Finance, Comms and Local Board Agreement training for Elected members on 1 November
  • Waiheke Local Board inaugural meeting on 2 November
  • Inaugural meeting of the Waitematā Local Board 2013 – 2016 on 4 November
  • Grey Lynn Business Association Committee meeting on 5 November
  • Launch of Waterfront Auckland’s Sustainable Development Framework on 5 November at Shed 10
  • Albert- Eden Local Board inaugural meeting on 6 November
  • Meeting to discuss Christmas Carols in Western Park
  • Meeting with Lynne Butler, Freemans Bay residents on 6 November to discuss setting up a Freemans Bay Residents Association
  • Meeting to discuss the proposed activation of Quay Street with a Ciclovia event (road “opening” for walking and cycling) to be held on 8 February 2014
  • Coastal walkway meeting with Parks officers on 8 November
  • Waitematā Local Board weekly workshop on 12 November
  • Transport update on 13 November
  • Unitary Plan update for all elected representatives on 19 November
  • Waitemata Local Board workshop on 19 November
  • Meeting with Sugar tree and Nelson street developers to discuss Auckland Transport plans for a corridor management plan on 20 November
  • Advancing Auckland’s Governance induction workshop for elected representatives on 20 November
  • Greenways meeting with Parks officers and Auckland Transport on 21 November
  • Environmental portfolio first catch up meeting on 21 November
  • Community Development and Partnerships monthly catch up with the portfolio holders on 21 November

Events and functions

In the period from 10 September – 22 November  I attended the following events and functions:

  • Tour and lunch at the Crossroads Clubhouse, Great North Road
  • Great Transport Debate hosted by Campaign for Better Transport on 11 September
  • Unwrapping a new era in transport – launch of Auckland’s new electric commuter trains at Wiri Depot
  • Grey Lynn Business Association networking drinks on 12 September
  • Opening of the Age of Aquarius – Fashion Museum on 13 September
  • Survive and Thrive (a public forum, expo and series of workshops for people working in the creative sector)  – attended an afternoon workshop on 14 September at the invitation of the Big Idea
  • Bayfield School Safe School Travel Plan Launch with the Mayor on 16 September
  • Parnell meet the candidates event
  • Grey Lynn meet the candidates event
  • Spoke at the suffrage day celebrations at Khartoun place organised by the National Council for women on 19 September
  • Beach Road walking and cycling improvements Public information day at AECOM hosted by Auckland Transport
  • Parking day installation on Hardinge StreetPark(ing) day event on Hardinge Street organised by the Urban Design team
  • Ponsonby Market Day on 21 September
  • America’s Cup races at Shed 10 over various mornings
  • Arch Hill Street party on 22 September
  • Newmarket Business Association AGM (I was a scrutineer) on 25 September
  • Opening of the Heritage Festival at Shed 10 on 27 September
  • Young and Hungry theatre production at Basement Theatre (at the invitation of the Basement Theatre)
  • Launch and Lunch at the Italian Festival on 29 September at the invitation of the Italian Society
  • Mayoral morning tea with Auckland Senior Citizens to celebrate the 2013 United Nations International Day of Older Persons on 1 October
  • Bayswater walking and cycling pipe bridge opening attended by the Mayor on 5 October
  • Grey Lynn Savalivali Heritage walk
  • Grey Lynn Farmers Market AGM on 6 October (I was re-elected Chair of the management committee)
  • Powhiri for new Voyager director on 7 October
  • Opening of Art Week at K’rd on 10 October
  • Newmarket Business Association Young Designers Awards (at the invitation of NBA) on 11 October
  • RIMU presentation Pseudo-science and caricatures? Reflections on Gen X, Y, X, Z and beyond
  • Fiesta in the Park on 13 October
  • Parnell Trust AGM 15 October
  • Sustainable City Showcase at the Cloud hosted by Sustainable Business Network on 17 – 19 October
  • Official opening of the 12th annual Auckland Diwali Festival on 19 October
  • Jam on Toast event at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on 19 October
  • Westhaven drive walkway ground breakingGround-breaking for the start of construction of the Westhaven walk and cycleway 21 October (see photo)
  • Pouwhiri for the new Council on 23 October
  • Opening of the Tall Ships Festival at Queens Wharf on 26 October
  • Inaugural meeting of the Governing Body at the Town Hall on 29 October
  • Gentle Density workshop with Brent Toderian on 30 October
  • Auckland Conversation and launch of the Auckland Design Manual on 30 October with Design for Auckland:   Brent Toderian – Toronto, Canada
  • Meet the Fair Trade Farmers event hosted by Oxfam NZ at Shakey Isles on 31 October
  • Celebration and opening evening at Parnell Baths on 1 November
  • Auckland Conversation – Beauty and Biophilia Amanda Sturgeon, Living Buildings International
  • Auckland Conversation in Association with RIMU Kids in the City – Accommodating Children in an intensifying Auckland Karen Whitten and Robin Kearns on 6 November
  • Cycle Action Auckland’s Associates Breakfast on 7 November
  • TRANX drug and alcohol service 25th  anniversary celebration on 7 November
  • Fairtrade Banana event at Ponsonby Central on 7 November
  • Art in the Dark opening on 7 November
  • Art in the Dark event 8 and 9 November
  • Unitary Plan public Open day on 11 November
  • Newmarket Business Association networking drinks (Buzz) on 13 November
  • Social Enterprise Forum – Growing the fourth sector on 14 November
  • Grey Lynn Business Association AGM on 14 November (I stood down from the Committee)
  • Grey Lynn Community Centre AGM on 20 November
  • Switching on the Parnell Lights event at Heard Park on 21 November

Monthly Board Report: July 2013

At the Waitemata Local Board July meeting last night we approved two exciting projects:

  • Waitemata Greenways plan
  • Draft Ponsonby Road masterplan for public consultation

Board member reports are included in the agenda. My report covers my activities from 1 June – 30 June 2013. 


Community Development

At our monthly Community portfolio meeting we welcomed Greg Whaiapu, the new Community Development Programme Manager (Central) and Kristin Fanselow, Community Development Facilitator to the team. They reported positively on the new structure of the Community Development, Arts and Culture department and how well it is falling into place.  A copy of the minutes from the meeting is attached as ATTACHMENT A.

We also met during the month with the Community Centres team leader who is working on the centre contracts and funding to be covered at a whole of Board workshop on our request.


SH 16 widening

We have had two all of board workshops with Auckland Transport and NZTA to discuss the proposals for widening SH16 at the St Lukes interchange. The widening design includes improved cycling facilities such as cycle lanes on the St Lukes Road Bridge and better connections to the NW cycleway.

However from a transport perspective the proposals fall short of providing safe, continuous connections to Great North Road.  Cyclists will be taken from a cycle lane and/or shared bus lane into two lanes of general traffic and through a motorway interchange. This is unacceptable for a route which is on the Auckland Cycle Network.  We have asked Auckland Transport to further review the plans so that the project is not progressed in isolation to safety issues on the rest of the network.

Route optimisation – New North Road

At the Transport portfolio monthly briefing with Auckland Transport we met the route optimisation team to hear about the New North Road Project and details for improvements at two of the intersections in our Board area. Following consultation the proposals include the removal of car parking on New North Road near Exmouth Street to improve road user safety, provide an extension to the bus stop and parking limits changes to discourage commuter parking.

Parking – Freemans Bay

Following the St Marys Bay Residential Parking Zone trial Auckland Transport is undertaking a Residential parking review to develop a residential parking policy which will provide the framework for future residential parking zones.

The transport portfolio had hoped that Auckland Transport would start to implement a parking scheme in Freemans Bay this year but due to the review this is now timed for April 2014.   In the meantime Freemans Bay residents will unfortunately have to continue dealing with the issues resulting from all day commuter parking which also disadvantages Ponsonby Road businesses who have limited visitor parking.

Richmond Road safety Action Plan

Further improvements are proposed for Richmond Road to increase pedestrian safety near Richmond Road School.  A raised threshold on the intersection with Cockburn Street and a throat treatment to narrow the exit from Lincoln Street is currently at the design stage.

Full details of other current proposals and issues are outlined in Auckland Transport’s monthly report attached to the Board agenda.

Other board activities

Ponsonby Road master plan working group update

A final workshop of the working group was held on 17 June for the purpose of refining the options to appear in the final draft of the master plan (to be endorsed this month by the Board for public consultation).

Urbanism Plus also presented the proposed concepts from the draft plan to local board members.

A consultation plan is in the process of being drafted.

Local Board Workshops and meetings

I attended during June:

Waitemata Local Board weekly workshop on 4 June

  • Auckland Transport  update to the Waitemata Local Board on the Sarawia Crossing options
  • Meeting with Peter McKinley in relation to his work on Community-Level Governance: what provision should be made and/or mandated in local government legislation
  • Meeting with Auckland Transport to discuss next steps for SH16 widening
  • Meeting with Peter Stoneham from Auckland MTB club to discuss on-going maintenance  of the Arch Hill mountain bike track
  • Second workshop of Te Kai o Te Rangatira (TKOTR) Programme delivered by subject experts of Te Waka Angamua Maori Strategy and Relations Department (Pou Tikanga, Pou Whainga, Pou Hononga). An introduction to Tikanga and Te Reo/Maori protocol for elected representatives
  • Grey Lynn Business association strategy session on 10 June
  • Waitemata Local Board business meeting in Parnell on 11 June
  • Ponsonby Road master plan fortnightly catch up with officers
  • Waitemata Local Board weekly workshop on 13 June
  • Ponsonby Road Master Plan working group – Workshop 5: Draft Master Plan review
  • Meeting with the Board’s new community engagement adviser
  • Community Development and Partnerships monthly catch up with the portfolio holders
  • Presentation by Penny Cliffin (Unitec) – on-line arboretum tree database proposal
  • Community centre catch-up with Kate Holst and Keril Booth on 19 June
  • Waitemata Local Board Workshop on 20 June : Unitary Plan Feedback
  • Waitemata Local Board weekly workshop on 25 June
  • GLBA committee meeting
  • Tour of Keeper’s Cottage to view the Bruce Wilkinson Bequest on 25 June
  • Fortnightly catch up on the Ponsonby Road master plan to discuss a draft consultation plan
  • Be.Accessible reflections – interview with Adrian Field, Synergia
  • Workshop on 27 June: Unitary Plan (follow up on Local Board feedback)
  • Transport portfolio monthly catch up with Auckland Transport
  • Grafton Gully Cycleway Stage 3 site visit with Scott Wickman, NZTA

Above left the “money shot” on the Grafton Gully Cycleway looking towards Rangitoto.

Events and functions

During June I attended:

  • Richmond Rovers Centenary Family Day Opening Ceremony on 3 June (photos below)
  • Three Exhibitions Opening on 4 June at Art station for the Auckland Festival of Photography
  • We know Auckland – RIMU hosted Keynote address, Out of the Valley of Death into Networks, Dame Anne Salmond, Distinguished Professor of Màori Studies and Anthropology at the University of Auckland and New Zealander of the Year 2013.
  • Cycle Action’s Associations Breakfast at the Auckland Art Gallery 6 June
  • Puketapapa Local Board greenways opening  (photos below
  • Celebration of Auckland as a Peace City  at the invitation of Laurie Ross, Peace Foundation at the SGINZ Centre in Elleslie 8 June
  • Freemans Bay community garden working bee on Sunday 9 June (see photos below)
  • Grey Lynn Business Association networking drinks at the Richmond Rovers Rugby League Club
  • Matariki Festival launch at the Auckland Museum
  • Blessing Ceremony for ASB North Wharf at the invitation of Waterfront Auckland
  • Opening of the Coxes Bay boardwalk and bridge on 15 June (photos below)
  • Opening night of Anne Boleyn at Q Theatre at the invitation of Auckland Theatre Company
  • Conscious Consumer function
  • Myers Park Public Open Day on Sunday 23 June (photo below  left of local resident Gael checking out the development plans)
  • Mayor in the Chair at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on 25 June
  • Auckland Conversation on 27 June: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Brisbane: Economic and Environmental Sustainability
  • Cycle Action presentation – Why do cyclist’s run red lights?
  • Safe School Travel Plan Launch at Newmarket School assembly on 28 June

Opening of the new Coxs Bay Bridge and Boardwalk

Boardwalk opening flyerI remember when the original boardwalk was built by Muldoon’s PEP workers in about 1983. Since then I’ve used this route heaps but was always weary about falling into the creek especially more recently as the boardwalk deteriorated.  So it is great to see the boardwalk replaced and upgraded to a width of 2.5m to create a proper shared path. This is a Waitemata Local Board funded project that is the start of our Greenways network. The connection from Coxs Bay to Grey Lynn Park and then on to the NW Cycleway is our priority route (the Greenways Plan will be on our July agenda).

Photos from the opening today



Monthly board report March 2013

This report covers my activities from 1 February – 28 February 2013.

February has been an absolutely action packed month as the year gets well underway reflecting the many activities of the Board and significant progress on a number of projects I am championing including Greenways and the development of a Ponsonby Road master plan.

Ponsonby Road master plan

Ponsonby Road master plan At our Board meeting in October 2012 the Board approved the establishment of a Ponsonby Road working group with representatives of the local community, the business association and local board members and supported by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport tasked with developing a a draft master plan for endorsement of the Waitemata local Board prior to public consultation.

A meeting was held on 18 February to establish the working group followed by a site visit and walkover of Ponsonby Road with the group on 25 February. My opening remarks to the first meeting of the working group are attached (ATTACHMENT A).

I am now seeking the Board’s endorsement of the working group membership,  the planning process and budget approval as outlined in the Ponsonby Road Master Plan – Project Establishment memo from Yvonne Masefield, Planner, Central & Islands Planning dated 1 March 2013 (ATTACHMENT B). This process anticipates the working group producing a draft master plan to be endorsed by the Board for public consultation.


greenway consultation event at Grey Lynn ParkThe Board held a successful Greenways event  on 20 February at the  Richmond Rovers Clubrooms in Grey Lynn Park with a large number turning up to provide feedback on the proposed Greenway routes.

We also sought feedback from those passing by as the club sits on a popular active transport and leisure walking & cycling route. The Grey Lynn Park – Coxes Bay connection is one of our proposed priority greenways.

Consultation continues until 11 March

Zero Waste events

Waitangi Day festival zero wasteI attended the Waitangi Day festival at Bastion Point organised by Ngati Whatua o Orakei as a waste volunteer with Christopher Dempsey. We wanted to learn about the best practice of running a genuine zero waste event. We were both really impressed with the wonderful family atmosphere and the support from stall holders and visitors. The organisers were aiming to not just remove waste from landfill but to reuse everything.

Some of the learnings I took away from the event:

  • Ensure events are alcohol free – this greatly reduces waste from glass and bottles
  • Have only a limited number of waste stations and push the take your own waste home message
  • Ensure the waste contractors are committed to zero waste and separate everything on site
  • Target waste at source – all stallholders have to sign up to reduce packaging and only offer compostable plates etc.
  • Make it fun to “do the right thing”. A Zero waste pa at the festival had activities for kids, chickens and seedlings to give away in re-used coffee cups

I would like to see all events in our area that are funded by the Board to be zero waste.

Community Engagement – Local Board Agreement public briefings

I attended the three Board public briefings on the Council’s annual plan and the Board’s annual agreement which outlines our projects and budget for 13/14.

The meetings attracted low numbers which I think can partly be attributed to a general feeling that the Board is on the right track and we are following through with the commitments we consulted on last year as part of Long Term Plan process and partly because the process was very poorly advertised.

The Annual plan brochure was meant to have been delivered to every mailbox. From my informal surveys I would estimate that it reached about 50% of households and very few in the city centre. I think the Council’s distribution processes need to be urgently reviewed and the value of hard copy communications critically evaluated.

Good for business seminar series

Planning has continued with AECOM on the Good for business parking seminar (now in two parts) with invitations due to go out to business associations and their members in early March.

Getting parking right for Auckland – A good for business approach to parking regulation, planning and design

Part 1 – the New Zealand perspective

Date: Wednesday 3 April 2013

Time:  2pm – 5pm (followed by networking drinks)

Where: AECOM House, 8 Mahuhu Crescent

Keynote speaker: Julie Anne Genter, Transportation planner and parking expert

Plus speakers from Auckland Transport on current policies that are supporting communities and Auckland Council on   proposals for parking requirements in the Unitary Plan.

Part 2-the international experience with Keynote speaker Todd Litman scheduled for mid-May

Portfolio reports


The Transport portfolio monthly briefing with Auckland Transport took place on 28 February.    We covered:

–       Parking issues in Eden Tce, Parnell and Freemans Bay

–       Sarawia railway crossing options

–       Local Board capex fund – pedestrian facilities on Victoria/Nelson Streets

Full details of current proposals and issues are outlined in Auckland Transport’s monthly report attached to the Board agenda.  


The following is the current update from Auckland Transport regarding the parking issues in Freemans Bay:

Auckland Transport and Waitemata Local Board have received numerous complaints in regard to parking issues in Freemans Bay. This has increased since the 2 hour parking zone trial in St Mary’s Bay was implemented in July 2012.  Most of the complaints relate to a lack of on-street parking for residents with local business workers and commuters seen as taking up the spaces for most of the day.

Auckland Transport wished to monitor the first 6 months of the St Marys Bay trial before looking at alternative parking options for Freemans Bay; this has enabled it to more fully understand the effect of the St Marys Bay zone on not only that suburb but also the surrounding suburbs such as Freemans Bay.  Before Auckland Transport can develop a robust proposal to consult with the community there are some necessary steps to complete. These include an inventory of existing parking restrictions and a survey to help Auckland Transport to better understand parking behaviour taking place and to assess why current restrictions are not being effective.  The road reserve is a public asset and Auckland Transport has to balance the many legitimate and often conflicting needs of users.  This involves considerable data collection and consultation across a wide spectrum of customers in order to formulate a balanced proposal.  Once this initial work has been completed, the results can be analysed and some options developed for discussion with the local board and stakeholders.

Depending on how the investigation develops, it is anticipated that options may be ready for public consultation by mid—year

Grey Lynn Footpath upgrade

Grey lynn footpathsThe Grey Lynn foot paths and new pram ramps (at the intersection of Great North Road and Williamson Ave) have now been completed with minimal disruption and no complaints that I am aware of. This project was a successful collaboration between Auckland Transport, ARMA (the contractor) the GLBA and the Board.

The only outstanding renewal is with regards to the painting of the street furniture. I am following this up with Auckland Transport

Other board activities

Local Board Workshops and meetings


  • Meeting to discuss Transport advocacy projects
  • Meeting to discuss Good for Business Parking seminar
  • Waitemata Local Board workshop on 5 February
  • Community Development monthly catch up with portfolio holders
  • Grey Lynn Business Association February business meeting
  • Resource Recovery centre – meeting of project champions on 7 February
  • Meeting to discuss CCTV policy and strategy
  • Integrating Public Input into Political Leadership and Government workshop at the Auckland Business school organised by IAP2 Auckland Branch on 7 February
  • Waitemata Local Board public briefing on the Local Board Agreement (as part of the Annual plan process ) in Parnell on 7 February
  • Site  visit walkover of Kent/York and Teed street with AT’s urban design planner on 8 February
  • Meeting  with the Eden Tce Business Association and AT parking officers to discuss the Eden Tce parking zone proposal on 8 February
  • Unitary plan meeting Joint Unitary plan briefing and workshop for the Governing Body and local boards on 11 February (see photo)
  • Grey Lynn Park Advisory Group meeting on 11 February
  • Smokefree Policy Development workshop with Local Boards organised by Cr Sandra Coney on 12 February (I attended with Jesse Chalmers as the Board’s rep and presented on the Board’s experience of going smoke free)
  • Waitemata  Local Board monthly meeting at Graham Street on 12 February
  • Presentation on the Tamaki Drive Master plan to the Waitemata Local Board and Harbour Edge Development Team by Orakei Local Board on 13 February
  • Transport committee deliberations on the Sky path proposal
  • Waitemata  Local Board LBA Public Briefings in Grey Lynn on 13 February and at the Local Board office on 14 February
  • Unitary Plan update session for local boards on 15 February
  • Presentation on O’Connell Street design concepts
  • Waitemata Local Board workshop on 14 February
  • Ponsonby Road master plan working group establishment meeting on 18 February  (opening introduction to the group attached as ATTACHMENT A)
  • Youth Advisory Panel meeting on 18February
  • Local Board workshop on 19 February
  • Meeting to discuss the Board’s engagement on the Unitary Plan as part of the wider  regional engagement timetable on 19 February
  • Introductory meeting with Rachael Eaton – new Team Leader City Transformation (Central and Islands) to discuss concept of “Park-lets” for the city centre
  • Greenways event at the Richmond Rovers Clubroom, Grey Lynn park on 19 February
  • Meeting  to discuss the public art proposals received for Interactive Play Spaces project on 20 February
  • Meeting between the GLBA and planning officers to discuss the Grey Lynn precinct plan
  • Waitaurau plaza meeting with NZTA and AT to discuss the permanent structures outside the new Bird cage
  • Ponsonby Master plan working party site walk over on 25 February
  • Local Board workshop on 26 February
  • Communications update on 26 February
  • New tools for local government seminar  on 27 February
  • Presentation to the CBD Advisory Board on the Board’s redevelopment plans for Pioneer Women’s and Ellen Melville Hall on 27 February (refer ATTACHMENT C)
  • Transport Portfolio monthly update with Auckland Transport on 28 February
  • Briefing the Waitemata Local Board  on the University of Auckland Newmarket site

Professional development

I attended the New tools for Local Government seminar with David Engwicht who is considered one of the world’s most innovative thinkers on place making, citizen management and creative problem solving. He is the inventor of the Walking School Bus, a world-wide phenomenon.

The free seminar covered four unspoken assumptions that are ‘putting lead boots on local government’ as well as strategies to:

  • Influence greater creativity and resilience in your organisation
  • Empower the communities you serve

Events and functions

I attended the following events and functions during February

  • Hum de-wrap party on Saturday 2 February (the Board gave the Falling Apple Trust $5000 towards the scaffolding and wrap on the building)
  • Te  Matatini Luncheon on 4 February  to   recognise and celebrate the four Kapa Haka roopu that will be representing Tāmaki Makaurau at Te Matatini 2013 in Te Arawa.  (as alternate to the Chair)
  • Waitangi Day Festival as a waste volunteer with Christopher Dempsey
  • Cycle Action Auckland Associates breakfast at the Auckland Art Gallery on 7 February
  • Big Gay Out VIP hospitality tent at the invitation of the NZ Aids Foundation on 10 February
  • Go by Bike day breakfasts at Wynyard Quarter and Air New Zealand offices
  • Wet Hot beauties performance at Parnell Pools on 13 February
  • The Pride Parade grandstand (at the invitation of GABA) on Saturday 16 February
  • Great british car rallyLaunch of the GREAT British Car Rally 2013 by the British High Commissioner and Sir John Walker on behalf of the Mayor on 17 February  (see photo)
  • Greenways  event on 19 February
  • Farewell lunch to our Senior Board advisor on 22 February
  • Lantern Festival official opening by the PM John Key and the Mayor on 23 February
  • Media briefing the Mayor for the start of the Daldry Street linear park on 24 February


a)     That the report be received.

b)     That the Waitemata Local Board endorses the Ponsonby Road working group membership and the planning process as outlined in the Ponsonby Road Master Plan – Project Establishment memo from Yvonne Masefield, Planner, Central & Islands Planning dated 1 March 2013 (ATTACHMENT B).

c)     That the Waitemata Local Board approves the allocation of $50,000 of the 12/13 budget for this project ($75,000) for delivering urban design/ public realm services as part of developing the draft master plan by the working group.



Greenways plan greenway consultation event at Grey Lynn ParkGreenways have the potential to transform the way we travel around our local area. The Waitemata Local Board’s Greenways proposal is to have a network of routes that connect parks and open spaces. As well as offering safe, high-quality routes, particularly getting to schools, greenways can also increase recreational opportunities and can deliver environmental benefits through expanding habitats for native fauna and wildlife.

Our Greenways event in Grey Lynn Park on 20 February really highlighted the demand of safe and connected routes for walking and cycling.

Consultation closes today . You can provide feedback by filling out a short online survey.