Declaration of member interests December 2013

Auckland Council’s Code of Conduct requires elected representatives to complete an annual declaration of interests. My first declaration was  submitted as requested at the end of June 2012.   No request for a further declaration was made to elected representatives until early December 2013 (due date 20 January 2014) requesting a declaration back dated to 1 January 2012. However I have reported all gifts in my monthly board reports and have declared all interests for this term at the Board’s first business meeting on 10 December (recorded in the minutes).

I have also maintained a Registry of interests on my website since August 2012.  (A declaration of interest summaries is available for Ward Councillors on the Auckland Council website.  The summary is not currently available for Board Members).

As an elected representative I wish to be as transparent and open as possible about all my interests.  I take very seriously my responsibility to approach decision making with an open mind, to make decisions in the public interest and to be fully accountable for my decisions and actions. Being completely open about my interests is just one of the ways I personally wish to maintain the high standard of conduct that is expected of me in my role.

December 2013 Declaration

Interests in land: 16 Firth Road, Grey Lynn (jointly with my partner)

Companies: (partner) Paul Shortland Limited, Pallet Lock Limited, Firth Road Trustees Limited

Trusts: Connected Media, Grey Lynn 2030, Kelmarna Community Garden (until May 2013)

Memberships: Grey Lynn Farmers Market, Grey Lynn RSC, Cycle Action Auckland (until December 2013), YWCA (2012-13), Vintage Austin Register, Auckland Girls Grammar Old Girls Association, Sustainable Business Network, Grey Lynn Business Association (until November 2013).

Name of debtors: n/a

Name of creditors: n/a

Appointments: n/a

Gifts: (1 July 2012 – 31 December 2013) Tickets to Auckland Arts Festival, Basement Theatre, ATC opening nights, Tim Bray Productions, Seafood Festival 2012, Taste Auckland, NZ Ballet, Q Theatre  (value unknown but only package of Arts Festival tickets likely to be over $300)

Additional Declaration: Partner, Paul Shortland was a member of the Mayor’s consensus building group (representing Cycle Action Auckland)