Time to spark a mini revolution in Auckland

Time to spark a mini revolution in Auckland
This post is based on a twitter THREAD explaining why the time has arrived to spark a mini revolution in Auckland. It is a call to arms via the triennial Entrust Election ballot box. It starts with with a bit of history of why this is also personal.  
Campaigning for the Entrust (AECT) election in 2009 at the Howick Market

In 2009 I stood as a independent for the Entrust (then AECT) election for the 5 elected trustees. Through Entrust, the people of Auckland own 75.1% of Vector. I figured as a former Vector lawyer I had a fair shot. Little did I know that the election is a complete rort.

The current C&R trustees pocket between $55k – $165k in their roles. There’s infighting, climate change denialism, sexism, and pork barrel politics (more here on why it is important to care about Auckland’s most “boring” election).
Voting papers were mailed out from 14 October to the person whose name is on the electricity bill (whether you are renting or house owners) within the  Entrust District.
My household’s voting papers arrived on Friday (addressed to my partner because his name is on the power bill). I’m super excited to be voting for the
More for You, Better for Climate team of Emma McInnes, Rohan MacMahon, Lance Wiggs, Dewy Sacayan and Leon Wijohn.