Hey Coroner am I high viz enough?

A couple of months ago the Coroner recommended complusory high viz vest for cyclists. A lot was written at the time pointing out that this wasn’t based on any evidence that vests are effective and was likely to be counterproductive. (Russell Brown generated an impressive number of responses to his post When Common Sense isn’t and Lucy on Cycling Auckland gives the low down on why the coroner is wrong)

I got interviewed for TV3  on my views (as coordinator of Frocks on Bikes in Auckland).  The editing gave the impression I am “anti high viz” and I am still asked about it so I thought the best thing is to respond in pictures. My view is that you have to be highly visible and safe on the road. There are lots of way to do this. Personally it works for me to look like a real person. I feel like I am given far more room on my bike and that drivers look out for me when I am dressed for the business of my day. At night I make sure I am well lit and of course visible.