Sleeping rough for Lifewise

On June 28th at approximately 6.30pm, I’ll be joining a bunch of influential Kiwis at the annual Lifewise Big Sleepout. We’ll be homeless for the night in a determined effort to bring critical attention and funding to this solvable issue.
To get a first hand glimpse into the life of a rough sleeper (someone on the extreme end of homelessness), I’ll  be sleeping outside, at an open air venue in Auckland’s City Centre, in the dead of winter with only a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag.

I am impressed with what the Lifewise team do providing sustainable solutions to social issues rather than putting a ‘band aid’ on the problem.  Even though it will be a challenge as I hate being cold and deprived of sleep, I feel really privileged to be part of an awesome event that raises funds and awareness for the issue of homelessness.

I’ve committed to raising at least $1000 via my fundraising page

About the Big Sleepout

The Lifewise Big Sleepout is an annual event aimed at raising serious funds and channelling significant attention in the direction of solving homelessness in the city of Auckland. It is a night where influential New Zealanders forgo their creature comforts for a night of ‘rough sleeping’ as a way of making a public stand against homelessness. Put simply, it’s a no-holds-barred approach to exposing what is often an invisible issue. The ultimate aim of the Lifewise Big Sleepout is bring an end to homelessness – for good. The continued success of this event goes a long way to meeting this highly achievable goal. As a result, we remain equipped to address the issue of homelessness at every level of influence – meeting the immediate and the long-term needs of the homeless while at the same time working strategically with non-government and government bodies to find solutions. Check out The Issue for more info on the work of Lifewise in this area.