Social media will put community into the Trust

It is a challenge for an independent candidate to take part in the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust election for 5 new  trustees. The vote is held every three years.  Over 300,000 beneficiaries of the Trust can vote, and the Trust area is huge, (covering all of Auckland City, Manukau City, parts of Papakura and Waiheke Island).

Traditional methods of electioneering are impractical and expensive. Sending a flyer to every household would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and it would be mission impossible to try to face contact with all voters.  It gives a taste of what it will be like for the mayoral candidates campaigning in the Super City elections next year, as this will cover an even bigger area.

Luckily the internet and social media are powerful and inexpensive tools that give an independent candidate like me a chance in the election. They also  put community into the Trust.

I am learning that one long- standing method of campaigning – via billboards – is worthwhile, as Aucklanders spend a lot of time in their cars. From the feedback my small but stylish billboards, which started going up over the weekend, are being noticed. I just hope the saboteurs who have taken one out in a more affluent part of Auckland are not planning on striking again.  It puts extra pressure on an already hard working and loyal election team who are spending many hours out in the rain to give me a chance with the big teams.

Feel free to text me if you have a good site for one of my billboards!