Election Art

Free Art John KeyMy creative mum, Barbara Grace, found inspiration for her latest art project in the pages of John Roughan’s biography of John Key – Portrait of a Prime Minister. She de-constructed the book and on each page drew different slogans  of her own design such as:

“John Key is an overweening populist”

“Q. What is the opposite of a polymath? A. John Key”
“JK is exemplary of neoliberal triumphalism”
“If you don’t want to think too much JK is the man for you
“Q. What are JK’s values? A. He doesn’t know, he hasn’t run a poll on that yet”
“JK is impoverishing future generations.”
“Your children may not forgive you if you vote for JK”
Over a couple of lunchtimes my mum then took her tray of FREE ART around the cafes of Jervois Road, Ponsonby Road and K’rd offering the pages to patrons . Her friend Lynn recorded the art project in action.