Super city election countdown

With voting starting today in Auckland’s first Supercity election, it is hard not to feel positive about the prospects for a progressive Council led by Mayor Len Brown.  It all depends on getting people out to vote – this is hard in a postal ballot when most people under 30 have never used snail mail and voters generally being very apathetic about local government elections (only 38% voted last time).

The City Vision team has been working hard getting the message out there to vote and sharing our vision for Auckland. Our values and policies are clear. We believe in public ownership, major public transport improvements, and giving real powers to local boards.

I’m impressed with all our candidates. They are real, hard-working community campaigners with a strong track record of service to ratepayers and our communities.

Campaigning with the City Vision Waitemata Local Board team and Mike Lee has been fun.   I’ve particularly enjoyed the candidates meetings. Last week we were invited to meetings in Parnell and Grey Lynn (hosted by Grey Lynn 2030) and today St Stephen’s church hosted a meeting with local personality John Elliott as chair.

At the Parnell meeting Hinu Te Hau spoke eloquently on behalf of the C&R team.  However, it was clear something was up the next night in Grey Lynn as Hinu was clearly frustrated with the poor showing from her team. One C&R candidate arriving direct from the supermarket apologized for wearing his motorcycle jacket because he didn’t realize he was going to be at the meeting until he got called up! Two days later Hinu took the unprecedented step of deserting the old boys to stand as an independent in support of Tenby Powell.

At each meeting Mike Lee has shone as the man to be the Waitemata and Gulf ward’s first councillor. The other big guns, Tenby and Alex are very likeable and have many valid ideas but Mike clearly has the experience and track record of public service that make him ideal to take a leadership role in the new Auckland Council.

The future of Auckland is at stake – please vote.

City Vision and City Vision supported candidates:

Waitemata and Gulf Ward:

Endorsing Independent Mike Lee for Council

City Vision team for Waitemata Local Board

Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward:

City Vision candidates Cathy Casey and Glenda Fryer for Council

City Vision team for Albert-Eden Local Board

Roskill Community Voice team for Puketapapa Local Board

Whau Ward:

Future Whau team for Whau Local Board

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Ward:

Labour candidate Richard Northey for Council

Labour team for Tamaki Local Board

Maungakiekie Team for Maungakiekie Local Board

Auckland District Health Board:

City Vision Health Team

Portage Licensing Trust:

City Vision team

Mike Lee backs the City Vision team for the Waitemata Local Board

Media Release
City Vision – Waitemata Local Board Team

Mike Lee, Chairman of the Auckland Regional Council and Candidate for the Waitemata and Gulf Ward has given his strong backing to the City Vision Team standing for the Waitemata Local Board. Waitemata  is one of the most contested Local Boards of the 21 in the new Super City structure, with 23 Candidates standing for 7 vacancies. The City Vision Waitemata Local Board team welcomes the endorsement from such a high profile and experienced politician.

In giving his support, on his website Mike Lee says “The City Vision team has a marvellous balance of youth and experience.  To my mind their personalities, professional backgrounds, life experiences and political philosophies make an excellent fit for what will be one of the most important Local Boards in the Super City.

Mr Lee goes on to say “This is a team well worth watching – and supporting”

Bruce Kilmister, Kate Stanton and Christopher Dempsey all are currently serving on Community Boards with extensive experience of local government and involvement in local issues.

Jesse Chalmers, a company director, one of the youngest candidates standing, is the new generation of local politics.

Tricia Reade is a well-known Ponsonby resident through her work at the Ponsonby Community Centre and City Fringe Inc.

Pippa Coom, a corporate lawyer is involved with a number of community groups that focus on building vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods.

Shale Chambers,  a Ponsonby lawyer and company director, brings business experience to local issues.

Shale Chambers on behalf of the team says “Mike Lee will be a strong voice at the top table, with his public service experience and track record he is the ideal candidate to serve as the Councillor for the Waitemata and Gulf Ward and fully has our support. The City Vision Waitemata Local Board team is thrilled that Mike Lee has given us such firm backing and we look forward to working with him for a prosperous, secure, fair, and sustainable future for the CBD and all our central city communities.”

Mike Lee will join the City Vision Waitemata Local Board team for Meet the Candidates Evenings being held in the Waitemata Local board area on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th September.

More details about the City Vision Waitemata Local Board team here.


Shale Chambers  0274765284

Mike Lee 0274943198

Meet the candidates evenings for the Waitemata Ward and Local Board:

Tuesday 7 September at 7pm, Parnell Community Centre, Jubilee Building, 545 Parnell Rd. Hosted by Parnell, Newmarket and Grafton community groups

Wednesday 8 September at 7.30pm, Grey Lynn Community Centre hosted by Grey Lynn 2030

City Vision Endorses Mike Lee as Council Candidate for Waitemata Ward

City Vision Media Release

Friday, 18 June 2010

City Vision is pleased to endorse Mike Lee, Chair of the Auckland Regional Council, as our Council Candidate for the Waitemata & Gulf ward of the new Auckland Council.

City Vision Chair Robert Gallagher says “Mike Lee has over 15 years of public service as an elected councillor.  During his time at the ARC, and particularly through the last six years as Chairman, Mike has demonstrated strong regional leadership and his governance and management experience will be an invaluable asset to the new ‘Supercity’ structure.  His personal commitment to public ownership of key Auckland assets, public transport and regional parks has established a solid base to carry the new Council forward.”

Mike Lee is delighted to be endorsed by City Vision and pledges his support to their team standing for the Waitemata Local Board.  He will work closely with them.  “I have the vision and community connections to work with the entire mainland ward, from Westmere, to Parnell.  Despite the differing political histories of the areas each side of the CBD the communities have a lot in common.  The waterfront and commercial centres have special needs and I am keen to talk to the key people involved.

“My connections with the Gulf Island communities and environments are well known and I am looking forward to working for them.  I respect their proud independence but also know that they can benefit from the regional cohesion of the Supercity.

“As current Chair of the ARC, I am standing on my record – and the record is still playing.

We have begun the Waterfront development plan that will open up a wonderful public space that gives the people of the Waitemata & Gulf Ward a waterfront that they and all people in the region can be proud of.  My view on the value of public service is well known, and I intend to continue to work for regional cohesion and vision in the new Council, and ensure that we restore local community government and community solidarity with empowered local boards.”

Robert Gallagher says “At a time of great change in the nature power and form of local government in Auckland, Mike Lee’s experience is essential to ensure the Waitemata & Gulf Ward residents are strongly represented in the new city.  City Vision has a vigorous campaign planned to ensure that Mike Lee is elected to the Auckland Council as councillor for the Waitemata & Gulf ward.”

Additional Information:

Mike Lee, Msc(Hons), Chairman, ARC.  Former ship’s officer and passionate conservationist, Mike is a long-time Aucklander with a home on Waiheke Island.  He was first elected as a councillor 1992 and has an extensive history of public service in Auckland city and region since then.